Friday, March 17, 2023

US Terrorism Against Nord Stream: A Polish Perspective


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So-called World public opinion probably sees my country, Poland, as one of the most involved warmongers, always on the front line of an aggressive imperialist policy steered from Washington and London. 

It seems to be confirmed also by the present leaks about at least indirect Polish involvement in the terrorist attack on Nord Stream on 6th September 2022. 

As we already know, one of known versions widely discussed in the Western media points to an ‘independent group of friends of Ukraine’ as the perpetrators who, carrying out the act of sabotage, were supposed to travel on a yacht rented from a Ukrainian company registered in Poland. 

The story about freelancers and volunteers does not sound particularly credible, neither explaining how they so freely transported tons of explosives needed to initiate the explosion, nor the sources of the rest of the highly specialised equipment necessary for the entire operation.  However, this is also a preliminary admission of guilt on the part of the pro-Kiev forces, a confirmation that Russia did not blow up the Nord Stream, but on the contrary, that it was an action clearly in the interest of the current Ukrainian government and the policy implemented through them.

One way or another, we are dealing with an attempt to involve Poland, as well as Germany (the mysterious sabotage yacht was supposed to operate from the port of Rostock), i.e. the two countries that were actually most affected by the undersea explosion in the Baltic Sea.  And yet Poles are also, and perhaps above all, victims of this extremely dangerous correlation.  (more...)

US Terrorism Against Nord Stream: A Polish Perspective

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