Thursday, June 27, 2013

Toronto School Board Promotes Sexual Perversion and Promiscuity

Resources provided by the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) have been found to promote the gay lifestyle and sexual perversion and promiscuity. Blogger Blazing Cat Fur found that the TDSB linked to a website promoting masturbation and casual sex called, which is run by the Coalition for Positive Sexuality. Blazing Cat Fur’s post ignited media and online coverage of the school board’s actions, as well as a legal complaint from a pro-family leader.

On one page Blazing Cat Fur noted, the authors of the positive sex website write, “Women have sex with women, men have sex with men, women have sex with men – and sometimes the best sex is with yourself!” It then provides a list of advice, including masturbating with vegetables or other objects, showering with someone else, bondage, oral sex, having sex in front of mirrors, acting out sexual fantasies, masturbating with someone else, and viewing pornography. These are described as “safe and fun ways to get off, which you probably won’t learn in school.” Yet the TDSB is encouraging teachers to share the website with students who ask questions about sex and sexuality.

The American-based site also provides advice for youth getting an abortion, warning that a minor may need to get consent from her parents first: “If you think they’ll be supportive, definitely tell them.” If there are consent or notification laws, the site advises calling an abortion facility to get a “judicial bypass” or going to a state without consent laws. The authors assert, “Any reason we have for choosing abortion is a good reason. These are our bodies and our lives. No one has the right to force us to have a baby, or to punish us for liking sex.” They then warn women not to go to “bogus clinics like Crisis Pregnancy Centers”, which are “run by anti-abortion groups and will try to scare you out of having an abortion.” According to the site, “abortion has few risks. It can involve some cramping, and light bleeding afterward.” (more...)

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