Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Parents may leave Canada to keep children away from Ontario’s new sex ed curriculum

Down with Wynne-fidels!
Toronto school board trustee says majority of Cornell school parents strongly opposed to new sex ed plan

Parent representatives from Cornell Junior Public School say some of its families will keep their children out of public schools or leave Canada if Ontario’s new sex education curriculum isn’t changed.

The mid-Scarborough school was one of the hardest hit in Toronto last month by a one-week parents’ strike over sex ed, with more than 700 of 850 students absent on its first day.

Jerry Chadwick, the local trustee, met last week with a group of parents, including Cornell’s school council chairperson and past chairperson, who had supported the protest.

Chadwick later said the group told him a number of Cornell parents - he wasn’t told how many - have decided to enrol their children in private Islamic schools, and “a few of them have chosen to go back home, to leave the country.”  (more...)

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