Wednesday, June 10, 2015

If the case against Lord Janner's still not heard in court, British justice is rotten to the core

Almost two months have passed since the Director of Public Prosecutions decided Lord Janner wasn’t fit to stand trial for child sexual abuse offences.

But rather than quietly slipping away from the news headlines, the case against Janner seems to be getting stronger as each week passes — and the stench of a cover-up grows ever more pungent.

It stinks that the timing of Alison Saunders’s decision meant it avoided scrutiny while Parliament wasn’t sitting. And let’s not forget she’d had the file for many months.

Consider the furious response from the police and Janner’s alleged victims to Mrs Saunders’s acknowledgement that there was credible evidence to charge the peer, but it was not in the public interest to do so.

Or the fact that Janner, who is 86, remains a member of the House of Lords, and was well enough to sign a letter confirming he wanted to remain a peer just a week before he was ruled unfit to face charges because he was suffering from dementia.

What reeks to high heaven is that it feels as if the Establishment is looking after its own. The public can see that the operation of justice is not being fully brought to bear in the face of such allegations of serious criminality.  (more...)

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