Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sparks fly after sex-ed raised at Halton Catholic school board meeting

Police were called to Halton’s Catholic board after a motion seeking to delay teaching Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum failed, sparking conflict among a large crowd gathered in the foyer.

The fracas occurred just days before another large rally is planned at Queen’s Park — this Sunday — to protest the new health and physical education lessons, which are the first update to sex-ed in this province in more than two decades.

“There were a couple of altercations, people saying things to one another — there were some passionate people in the boardroom” but overall the debate was “very respectful,” said Jane Michael, chair of the Halton Catholic District School Board.

“It was outside the boardroom where things got a bit heated.”

More than 100 people were packed into the foyer after seats in the public gallery filled. Witnesses said they heard people screaming, references to teaching young children about gay sex, and at one point one person spat in another person’s face. That’s when police were called. Officers later returned after confrontations spilled over into the parking lot. No charges were laid.  (more...)

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