Thursday, May 24, 2018

Basilians appeal $2.5M award in sex abuse case

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Less than a month after a Toronto judge awarded a Sudbury man $2.5 million for compensation for the abuse he endured at the hands of a Catholic priest, lawyers for the church announced they were appealing the verdict.

In a statement on their website, the Basilian Fathers write they don't believe the monetary award is “legally sound or justified.”

Specifically, they are appealing the $500,000 awarded in punitive damages and $1.58 million in lost income.

“The Basilian Fathers are not appealing the awards for general and aggravated damages, nor for the amount awarded for counselling costs,” the statement said.

“Those amounts will be paid to Mr. MacLeod shortly.”

The case centred on Father William Hodgson Marshall, who was convicted in 2011 of abusing 17 students at schools over a 38-year period. Marshall, who worked in Rochester, Toronto, Windsor, Sudbury, and Sault Ste. Marie, was reported a total of six times over his career but continued in his role as a priest and teacher.

He died in 2014.  (more...)


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Science and the Swastika

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Series examining science and morality during the Third Reich; the practice of eugenics and euthanasia in Nazi occupied Europe.

The Engineering Science program that I initially enrolled in pushed an agenda of elitism, eugenics and population control that was a younger cousin of Nazi ideology. I left the program midway and devised my own curriculum, eventually graduating with a Computer Science certification. As Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron exemplified at McGill University, Canada is quite capable of harboring monsters.

nazi science crime eugenics euthanasia fascism healthcare medicine morality ethics

In the Wake of Mass Shootings, Parents Reconsider Mass Schooling

education homeschooling violence crime suicide youth parents

In the wake of recent tragic school shootings, anxious parents are contemplating homeschooling to protect their children. After February’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the Miami Herald reported that more parents were considering the homeschooling option. And after Friday’s disturbing school shooting in Sante Fe, Texas, a local ABC news affiliate in Alabama reported the increasing appeal of homeschooling.

“If I had the time, I would teach my kids myself, and I would know that they’re safe,” a father of four told ABC station, WAAY31. A public school teacher interviewed by the channel disagreed with the idea of homeschooling. According to the news story, the teacher “says resorting to homeschooling is teaching your children to run from reality.”

But that raises the question: Is compulsory mass schooling “reality”?

Segregating children by age into increasingly restrictive, test-driven classrooms where they are forced by law to be unless a parent or caregiver liberates them is hardly “reality.” What’s worse is that young people are spending increasingly more time in this coercive “reality” than ever before.

For young children ages six to eight, schooling increased from an average of five hours a day in 1981-82 to an average of seven hours a day in 2002-03. And for today’s teens, schooling consumes much more of their time than it did for previous generations, seeping into summertime and other historically school-free periods. According todata from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 42 percent of teens were enrolled in school during July 2016, compared to only 10 percent enrolled in July 1985.  (more...)

education homeschooling violence crime suicide youth parents

Polish airmen offer poignant reminder of why we need to be more welcoming

immigration war politics xenophobia hate racism refugees

I recently had the opportunity to attend a special event in Cambridge commemorating five Canadians who died during the Warsaw Uprising in the Second World War. The people of Poland had endured the horrors of Nazi occupation longer than anyone else. Polish Jews perished in the Holocaust, and other Poles were forced into slave labour.

On Aug. 1, 1944, with the Soviet Red Army practically in the suburbs of Warsaw, the city's inhabitants rose up against their Nazi oppressors.

Soviet dictator Josef Stalin betrayed the Poles by holding his army back. It was to his advantage to have the German army distracted by the insurgents, but it was also to his advantage to let the Germans crush the uprising and kill Polish leaders and nationalists who might be problematic to his own plans for Poland once Nazi Germany had been defeated.

The Western Allies organized an airdrop of arms and medical supplies to the Polish fighters in one of the first-ever operations of that kind. On Aug. 5, a Halifax bomber loaded with supplies was shot down by a German fighter plane. None of the crew survived. Among the dead were five Canadians:

Harold Brown, George Chapman, Arthur Liddell, Charles Wylie and Arnold Blynn. They ranged in age from 20 to 31 and were from across Canada. Today Poland honours them as heroes.  (more...)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New face of fascism: Posh City banker, 23, whose father is an insurance broker leads middle-class 'hipster' far-right movement

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Don't you want to share a quiche with him?
A new brand of young, well-organised and tech-savvy extremists are giving the far right a 'more respectable' appearance, an anti-fascist group has warned.

Tom Dupré, the 23-year-old co-leader of the extreme anti-immigration group Generation Identity, works as a City banker for Standard Chartered.

The British branch of GI, which spans across 13 countries, has become the 'most active far-right group in Britain', a report from the group Hope Not Hate has said.

The right-wing activists 'consciously seek to portray an image of normality and respectability' but support a policy of 'remigration' for ethnic minorities, the report said.

A new brand of young, well-organised and tech-savvy extremists are giving the far right a 'more respectable' appearance, an anti-fascist group has warned.

Tom Dupré, the 23-year-old co-leader of the extreme anti-immigration group Generation Identity, works as a City banker for Standard Chartered.

The British branch of GI, which spans across 13 countries, has become the 'most active far-right group in Britain', a report from the group Hope Not Hate has said.

The right-wing activists 'consciously seek to portray an image of normality and respectability' but support a policy of 'remigration' for ethnic minorities, the report said.  (more...)

Haters you may actually want to date? Maybe when they leave jail:

But, money takes the sting away:

Monday, May 21, 2018

Brainwashing victims planning class-action lawsuit

On Sunday, dozens of brainwashing victims from the Allan Memorial Institute gathered from across Canada for a meeting in Montreal, to grieve together and introduce the lawyer who will help them file a class-action lawsuit.

In the annuals of declassified CIA records concerning the agency's ventures into truth serums, brainwashing and "mind control" there are any number of notorious and unsavory individuals whose particular talents were harnessed by the agency for such endeavors. This is a rogue's gallery to be sure, but one particular individual and his work have proven to be especially shocking to any number of researchers delving into this topic: Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron, a Scottish born psychiatrist who became one of the most well know members of his field in the post-World War II era when he assumed major posts such as the presidency of the World Psychiatric Association. Such honors combined with his participation in the Nuremberg Trials made Cameron world famous during his lifetime but it was his radical research performed at the Allan Memorial Institute of McGill University that has given him everlasting infamy decades after the man's death in 1967.

It was here that Cameron spent the remaining years of his professional life doing research under the auspices of the Human Ecology Fund, a known front for the CIA's infamous MK-Ultra experiments. These experiments have fascinated researchers for decades, at least since they first began to become public knowledge in the early 1970s. Over the years much speculation has centered around the intention and (most importantly) ultimate findings of these experiments, with the official party line denouncing them as colossal and embarrassing failures while conspiracy theorists have alleged that they were instrumental in developing a practical means of mind control. Frequently the latter take is incorporated into more grandiose plots typically involving the ever popular Project Monarch theories.

Over the course of this series I shall examine the life and times of the enigmatic Dr. Cameron as well as some of the more incredible allegations leveled against him. In the first part of this series I shall primarily focus on outlining verifiable biographical details of Cameron's life before getting into some of the more incredible stuff. Still, some of this information will be highly important when later revelations emerge. So with this in mind, let us turn our attention to the background of the man some have labeled as the CIA's version of Josef Mengele.  (more...)

accountability medicine transparency crime healthcare mental illness justice CIA

In addition to the misdeeds of this institution, an inquiry and full disclosure of CIA operatives' activities in Canadian universities and public institutions should be pursued. Many Canadian citizens' lives have been derailed and ruined by these intruders.

Violent Anti-Semitism Is Gripping Ukraine — And The Government Is Standing Idly By

nazi fascism hate racism anti-semitism violence politics crime holocaust denial historical revisionism xenophobia

A wave of anti-Semitism has swept over Ukraine. In the past three weeks alone, a far-right leader publicly called for cleansing Ukraine of zhidi (a slur equivalent to “kike”); a Holocaust memorial in Ternopil was bombed; hundreds marched through Lviv, ) in honor of an SS unit, complete with Nazi salutes; “Death to Zhidi” graffiti was scrawled in two cities; a revered rabbi’s tomb was vandalized; a Romani camp in Kiev was attacked and burned by far-right nationalists, and hundreds rocked out at a neo-Nazi concert clad in swastikas and throwing up Nazi salutes.

This outpouring of hatred got the attention of the World Jewish Congress, which put out a short video condemning the surge of anti-Semitism:

Shortly afterward, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko issued a press release affirming his commitment to combating anti-Semitism. In turn, WJC president Ronald Lauder thanked Poroshenko for his statement, which made Lauder feel “gratified.”

But we shouldn’t heave a sigh of relief just yet. Unfortunately, WJC’s willingness to accept Poroshenko’s word is premature. Over the past four years of Poroshenko’s presidency, Ukraine has experienced a steady growth of anti-Semitism, including the glorification of Nazi collaborators, vandalism of Jewish sites and public threats against Jews — and the rate of anti-Semitic incidents appears to be escalating.  (more...)


Ukrainian's don't want to be Poles and they don't want to be Russians. Would they be happy as Turks? That's not so far-fetched. I knew Ukrainians who converted to Islam for the glamour of neo-Ottomanism.

nazi fascism hate racism anti-semitism violence politics crime holocaust denial historical revisionism xenophobia

Do our "Counter-Jihad" friends really abhor Islam... or do the emulate it?

Yes, an Islamic Ukraine is quite conceivable.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Hating, Dating, and Procreating: Online Dating and the Alt-Right

hate racism nazi fascism reproduction technology internet dating loneliness sterility extinction white supremacy xenophobia islamophobia

Lonely racists are turning to dating apps to find love in a movement defined by hate. The racist alt-right is, crucially, a movement seeking esteem and status for resentful white men who believe they have been sidelined in modern society.

The loose movement holds extreme, toxic and profoundly maladjusted attitudes to gender roles. A central uniting belief in the alt-right is that feminism has led women to selfishly prioritise their own autonomy over their duties to the family, neglecting their biological desire to become the “trad wives” (traditional spouses) of “alpha males”. Whilst a handful of figures (such as Jack Donovan) advocate rejecting all female contact and embracing of male-only enclaves, most in the alt-right see the establishment of “traditional” relationships and the subordination of women in the private sphere, where they can focus on increasing the white birth rate, as central to the restoration of white male pride.

Such jaundiced views are presumably key to explaining the dearth of women in the movement; alt-right figurehead Richard Spencer has estimated that women constitute just one-fifth of the movement’s followers (even despite his reported claims that women secretly desire alt-right boyfriends due to their “alpha sperm”). There appears to be some truth in the longstanding joke on the popular message board 4chan – which has been key in the development of the alt-right – that its users are lonely man-children dwelling in their mother’s basements.

To remedy this, some on the alt-right have turned to online dating sites, infiltrating mainstream services and even creating alternative sites, with the explicit aim of helping those involved in far-right politics bond.  (more...)

The full depth of their angst can be surmised here:

But, don't leap to the rescue too hastily:

hate racism nazi fascism reproduction technology internet dating loneliness sterility extinction white supremacy xenophobia islamophobia
Puhleez don't let me be replaced

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Catholic Neoconservatives

Catholic neoconservatism and Catholicism vis-a-vis the national security state and the Anglo-American empire. We talk about the role Catholic neoconservative luminaries such as Fr. Richard Neuhaus, George Weigel, Michael Novak played in subverting traditional Catholic teachings in the post-Counciliar era.

Dr. Russell attended Louisiana State University where he earned a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. He writes for The Remnant, Catholic Family News, and a variety of other publications.

Catholic freemasonry Liberalism modernism neoconservatism war Americanism

State of the Realm: UK Organized Crime is Becoming more Global and Dangerous to Citizens

accountability transparency crime business violence corruption money laundering hum trafficking drugs extortion slavery

Organized crime and the rise in gang activity “affects more UK citizens, more often, than any other security threat,” according to a report released on Monday by the UK’s National Crime Agency.

Organized crime continues to grow through abusing technology and working cross-borders, creating an ever greater threat to national security. The UK also continues to be a prime destination for money laundering by corrupt officials from abroad, especially Russia, Nigeria and Pakistan, the report said.

 Modern slavery and human trafficking is “continually and gradually increasing” and gun crimes are on the rise, which the report links to an increase in weapons being imported across the border from Europe.

 Firearm offences increased by 27 percent in 2016 and 2017 and drugs deaths are at their highest level since recording began in 1993.

 Drug networks are active in every part of the UK and involving more vulnerable young people in their operations, resulting in more “associated violent crime.”

 Individuals and communities across the country experience more violence and intimidation through being caught in the crossfire of rivaling gangs, territorial control, and extortion.  (more...)


Friday, May 18, 2018

'She's a demon': Teacher pleads guilty to sexually assaulting 14-year-old boy

abuse boys crime education misconduct pedophilia rape

In a packed Ottawa courtroom Friday, a former middle school teacher pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a then 14-year-old boy who she taught in her classroom and coached on the basketball court.

Kyla Cowan-Wilson entered her guilty plea in front of the victim and his family — all of whom can't be named because of a court-ordered publication ban protecting the victim's identity — and more than a dozen of their supporters.

While the victim's parents and two sisters read their victim impact statements, Cowan-Wilson looked directly at them but showed little emotion, even as they wept.

Court heard details of how Cowan-Wilson used her position of trust to groom and prey upon the boy from September 2013 to September 2014, while she was teaching at Sir Winston Churchill Public School in Nepean.

The assault happened after the boy graduated from her Grade 8 class.  (more...)

More coverage:


#NXIVM: Cult Leader Was Holocaust Denier?!

cults abuse fascism nazi Hollywood sex trafficking slavery crime holocaust denial historical revisionism

Breakups can be brutal and scorned lovers can act psychotic, but imagine leaving a dude and have him call you in a Nazi in a past life! That happened to former NXIVM member and Keith Raniere ex Toni Natalie, but wait, there’s more…Keith Raniere, leader of NXIVM and the most insane person to claim he was the smartest man in the world, was also under the impression that the Holocaust was not really as bad as what is stated in the history books – or as survivors can personally attest to. I have a great aunt who underwent experiments by Josef Mengele, but Keith would say I was lying. Trust me when I say he wouldn’t have wanted to meet her.

According to, Clare and Sarah Bronfman (the Seagram heiresses funding and helping to run NXIVM) gave Keith millions for commodities trading and he lost the money without much explanation. So, in true cult leader fashion, he blamed their father Edgar Bronfman for foiling the trades claiming that Edgar knew Keith knew the Holocaust was a Zionist sham. Of course we all know the Bronfman family is a Jewish family that has historically donated philanthropically to many important causes. It’s just a shame that Clare and Sarah have tarnished that family name through this insane cult.  Here’s what says that Keith claimed, with a little background preceding it:

“Edgar Bronfman  was President of the World Jewish Congress [from 1979-2007.] He was also President of the World Jewish Restitution Organization, whose stated objective is to ensure “…the return of communal Jewish property stolen by the Nazis and then by the communists in Eastern Europe, and property in Western Europe stolen by the Nazis and unaccounted for.

The conflict lay, Mr. Raniere explained, not in that he had an uplifting influence over the daughters of one of the leaders of the Jews but that Mr. Raniere knew something that threatened the foundations of the life work of Edgar Bronfman – and the powers of the Jewish world.  (more...)


cults abuse fascism nazi Hollywood sex trafficking slavery crime holocaust denial historical revisionism

You don't have to go to Hollywood to find this stuff. Visit the used bookstores around Canadian universities and read the titles in the self-help and "spirituality" sections. You'll find a pretty good map of the mindset of Canuck intelligentsia. Live on or near campus, and you'll be approached by any number of cults and secret societies. Sick. Sick. Sick.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Toronto police charge private school teacher with sexual assault of student

abuse crime education misconduct pedophilia rape

Toronto police have charged a private secondary school teacher accused of sexually assaulting his student.

Officers responded to a sexual assault radio call at Ontario International College, near Finch Ave. E. and Brimley Rd., around 10 a.m. on Monday.

Police say the teacher sexually assaulted his female student outside of school property on April 2.

Adil Hamza, 43, of Mississauga was arrested on Thursday. He has been charged with sexual assault and sexual exploitation.  (more...)

Sudbury teacher needs help, ex-student says

abuse boys crime education homosexuality misconduct pedophilia pornography

A former student testified Wednesday that a Sudbury teacher facing sex charges "needs help" and shouldn't be allowed to teach again.

The student, who is now 19, described how Damir Bulic allegedly plied him with gifts and alcohol when he was a boy and how he performed a number of sexual acts in front of him.

The man said he would be a different person today if he had never met Bulic.

"I was 12 years old," he said. "I was getting food, money, clothes, gifts, getting pulled out of class," he said. "I don't believe I would be smoking. I think I would be a different person growing up with my parents and everything ... To go through that is just wrong. For someone in society to do that, especially a teacher, is unbelievable ...

"When I was younger, everyone at school thought he was a cool teacher. I was getting alcohol all the time. At that point, at 12 years old, getting a $1,000, a laptop ... But now, I feel like I wouldn't be the guy I am now. I would be a lot different."

The man also said he believes Bulic should no longer teach.

"Mr. Bulic never abused me or tried to touch me, but I think he needs help. I don't want him to do that to anyone else as a child ... I don't think Mr. Bulic should be allowed in a classroom. I never want to see my kid in a classroom with a teacher like that. I think he needs help. It wasn't right what he was doing and he should be punished."  (more...)


abuse boys crime education homosexuality misconduct pedophilia pornography

And where, in Ontario, is he likely to get help? Good question:

Not that Faith couldn't use a little help herself but, hey, she's a product of Ontario's edu-pedo-ring.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Racist Podcaster Who Started a Neo-Nazi Coffee Company to Fund White Nationalism

In the spring of 2017, Thomas White had an idea: What if he combined his love of gourmet coffee with his staunch belief in a white ethnostate?

In caffeinated circles, White was already well-known. Espresso Joya, which he opened in 2015, was a fixture of Thunder Bay, Ontario’s small but vibrant arts scene. The walls of the coffee shop, located in the town’s trendy Waterfront District, served as a revolving gallery for local artists. Joya’s small stage regularly hosted a mostly-acoustic plethora of singer-songwriters, and its shelves were stocked with local food and goods.

The quality of Joya’s espresso, hyped by locals and out of town Yelp users alike, completed this artsy smorgasbord. “It’s all about doing really exceptional quality in terms of the quality and the product as well as providing a really nice space for local artists,” White said in a short 2017 documentary on Thunder Bay’s coffee scene. An accredited teacher, he taught drawing art at the local arts centre and was a volunteer firefighter.

Online, White was the antithesis of this very earnest coffee shop owner. For the last six months, under the alias “League of the North,” White has co-hosted “This Hour Has 88 Minutes,” the most popular white supremacist podcast in the country.

The podcast’s title, a riff on the CBC comedy show with a nod to 88, or the numerical representation of “Heil Hitler,” speaks to the show’s format and ethos: a white nationalist take on the news replete with racial epithets, misogyny, and conspiracy theories, coupled with Holocaust denials and the occasional veiled call for violence. And White wanted to get his coffee into the hands of 88 Minutes listeners, as well as anyone else with pride in their white skin.  (more...)

Making the North Great and White Again?

Teacher had sex with watermelon, ex-student tells Sudbury trial

A teacher once demonstrated how he had sex with a watermelon, a former student told the Sudbury man's sex trial on Tuesday.

"We started having conversations about pornography and stuff," the now 19-year-old man recalled while testifying at Damir Bulic's Superior Court trial. "He showed me what he did with the watermelon. He had sex with it. He took a knife, cut a hole and had sex with it ...

"I was three, four feet away. It was kind of weird ... It was pretty out of the blue that he did that. There was no indication he was going to do that."

The student said the sex happened when he was alone at the Bulic home near the end of the school year or early summer in 2011.

Bulic, 46, who is not in custody, is facing four counts of performing an indecent act and one count of invite sexual touching, all allegedly involving the same male minor from Sept. 1, 2010 to Sept. 30, 2011, in southern Ontario.

The alleged indecent acts include exposing genitals to and masturbation in front of the teen.

After the incident with the watermelon, the student said he and Bulic put some steaks on the barbecue and had a smoke and beer, something they frequently did. He said the incident did not affect his friendship with Bulic, as "I never really thought of it at that age."  (more...)


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New Canadian anti-hate network looks to co-ordinate efforts against far-right extremism

hate racism white supremacy xenophobia fascism nazi youth islamophobia

It’s the same old-fashioned racism wrapped in modern bits and bytes.

Like pollutants in a river, overt racism has surfaced again in Canada. It is based on a fear of being overtaken by “the other” but is disguised as a “preference” for the white race in the interest of the “preservation” of Canadian identity. It sets its sights mainly on Muslims and non-white people as well as on Jews, feminists, LGBTQ2 groups.

Public Safety Canada’s annual report on terrorist threats to Canada listed for the first time this year right-wing extremism as “a growing concern.”

Individuals who hold extreme right-wing views are predominantly active online, it said, thriving on a “culture of fear, hatred and mistrust by exploiting real or imagined concerns.”

In the non-virtual world, right-wing extremism manifests in “free speech” rallies, hate crimes and other forms of violence.

The activities of these white supremacists — as evinced in the gathering outside Ryerson’s University’s White Privilege conference last week — often fly below the radar of mainstream media that are ill equipped to monitor and report on such obscure ideologies.  (more...)


Really sad stuff:

Canada Grants Former Roma MEP Viktória Mohácsi political asylum

hate racism xenophobia nazi fascism violence crime corruption immigration

Six years on, the Canadian authorities have granted Viktória Mohácsi political asylum. The Roma rights activist, former Member of the European Parliament and ex-ERRC staffer, requested asylum back in 2012.

In 2002, Viktória was appointed by Bálint Magyar, then Hungarian Minister of Education, as Commissioner for the Integration of Roma and Disadvantaged Children.  Between 2004 and 2009, Viktória represented Hungary in the ALDE group in European Parliament as a member of the now defunct Alliance of Free Democrats.

But, it was her work back in Hungary, documenting the lethal surge of neo-Nazi hate crimes against Roma that led to constant death threats against Viktória and her young family. Her Movement for Desegregation Foundation also exposed the racist neglect and incompetence of Hungarian law enforcement that allowed the killers to roam free for longer and kill and maim more Romani men, women and children.

When the serial killings started in 2008, Viktória travelled to each of the crime scenes, collecting information and pressing the police to investigate. When she came to Tatárszentgyôrgy following the murder of Robi Csorba and his five-year-old son Robika, gunned down by neo-Nazis as they fled their fire-bombed house, she confronted the police who claimed that the victims died as a result of an accident.  (more...)

Sex Abuse in Humanitarian Groups, Christian Ministries: Who Is Left to Trust?

humanitarian aid abuse crime exploitation sex trafficking predation accountability
Residents queue up to receive humanitarian aid at the Palestinian refugee
camp of Yarmouk, in Damascus
In the wake of reports that Christian humanitarian ministries have been caught up in a wide net of sexual abuse allegations, many questions have emerged over who can be trusted.

While abuse of any kind is denounced, it hits a particular nerve when the people who have pledged to protect and help those in the most vulnerable situations are the abusers themselves.

Boz Tchividjian, the grandson of the late evangelist Billy Graham and who has devoted his career to exposing and confronting sexual abuse in the Christian environment, said human nature "is a sinful nature."

"It doesn't matter what ministry you're in," he told The Christian Post.  (more...)


humanitarian aid abuse crime exploitation sex trafficking predation accountability

Boy was teacher's 'best friend' — Sudbury sex trial

abuse boys crime education misconduct pedophilia pornography

A teacher went too far when he bought a student a one-day ticket to Croatia so the boy could join him and his family on vacation, the alleged victim's mother told a Sudbury court Monday.

The mother testified the family was getting concerned about the Damir Bulic attention paid to their son, including gifts of expensive clothing, an overnight trip to Canada's Wonderland, cash and a laptop computer, the mother said.

The family drew the line when the teacher paid for a trip in July 2011 to Croatia, the mother said.

"I told (my son) he would not be going to Croatia," the mother testified on the first day of the trial of Bulic, who is facing five sex-related charges involving the boy dating back almost seven years.

"I could not believe (Bulic) went out and bought the ticket. He didn't think that I would like it, but he would provide me with a proper structure if I insisted."

Bulic, 46, who is not in custody, is facing four counts of performing an indecent act and one count of invite sexual touching, all allegedly involving the same male teen minor from Sept. 1, 2010, to Sept. 30, 2011, in southern Ontario.

The alleged indecent acts include exposing genitals to and masturbation in front of the teen.  (more...)

Monday, May 14, 2018

Making Britain Great Again? Tommy Robinson’s ‘Day for Freedom’

nazi fascism immigration politics Islam hate racism xenophobia islamophobia white supremacy
The “Kekistan” flag flying on the DFLA demo is modelled on the war flag of
Nazi Germany (inset).
Thousands of racists, far right activists and fascists marched through central London and staged a festival of hate outside Downing Street on Sunday 6 May. We want to set this event in a wider context – it illustrates how the far right is operating today and how it is drawing on trends across Europe and America. It marks a new departure even from previous mobilisations by Tommy Robinson and the Football Lads Alliance.

More than 5,000 took part all told, with up to 3,000 joining a feeder march organised by the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) from Speaker’s Corner to the rally staged by “Tommy Robinson” (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) in Whitehall.

Precise numbers were hard to gauge – many of those of the DFLA feeder march did not go all the way to the rally, with large numbers preferring to go to the pub instead. At Whitehall, it was clear a different broader crowd had come directly to the rally, and large groups continued to arrive throughout the more than three-hour event.

But the scale and prestigious nature of the so-called “Day for Freedom” marked something new on the far right in Britain. Not since Oswald Mosley’s fascist rallies in Olympia and at the Royal Albert Hall in the 1930s have we seen such a professional set-up for the far right in Britain.  (more...)

nazi fascism immigration politics Islam hate racism xenophobia islamophobia white supremacy
That's so gay.

Canadian humanitarian charged with child rape in Nepal, stunning villagers #AidToo

abuse boys crime child prostitution humanitarian aid homosexuality misconduct education pedophilia rape #AidToo

KARTIKE, NEPAL—When Peter Dalglish, a lauded humanitarian worker, built a sleek cabin near a Nepalese village of rutted roads and hills ribbed with rice paddies, locals knew virtually nothing about him.

But over several years, Dalglish, a Canadian, endeared himself to many in the community, greeting villagers in Nepali, offering chocolates from Thailand to children playing in the forest and helping people rebuild their homes destroyed by devastating earthquakes in 2015.

The goodwill was shattered last month when police swarmed Dalglish’s home, placed a gun to his head and arrested him on charges of raping at least two boys, 12 and 14.

Suddenly, villagers were on edge, worried about how far the betrayal — and abuse — may have stretched.

“We trusted him,” said Sher Bahadur Tamang, who said he received hundreds of dollars from Dalglish to pay for his child’s education. “He treated us so well. We never knew what was inside his mind.”  (more...)


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Military Personnel Trained by the CIA Used Napalm Against Indigenous People in Brazil

Brazil crime business politics military fascism CIA police
Indigenous women of the ethnic Pataxo join other women fighting for
recognition of their land. 
Just as in World War II and Vietnam, napalm manufactured in the US burned the bodies of hundreds of indigenous individuals in Brazil, people without an army and without weapons. The objective was to take over their lands. Indigenous peoples in this country suffered the most from the atrocities committed during the military dictatorship (1964-1985) - with the support of the United States. For the first time in Brazil's history, the National Truth Commission, created by the federal government in 2012 in order to investigate political crimes committed by the State during the military dictatorship, gives statistics showing that the number of indigenous individuals killed could be 20 times greater than was previously officially registered by leftist militants.

Unlike other crimes committed by the State during that time period, no reparations or indemnification for the acts have been offered to indigenous people; they were not even considered victims of the military regime. "From the north to the south and from the east to the west, accusations of genocide, assassination of leaders and indigenous rights defenders, slavery, massacres, poisonings in small towns, forced displacement, secret prisons for indigenous people, the bombing of towns, torture, and denigrating treatment were registered [with the State Truth Commissions]," Marcelo Zelic, vice president of the anti-torture group Never Again - SP, one of the organizations that makes up the Indigenous Truth and Justice Commission, created in order to provide documents and information to the National Truth Commission - told Truthout during an audience with the Truth Commission of San Pablo open to journalists.  (more...)


Brazil crime business politics military fascism CIA police

Friday, May 11, 2018

'We are not just rumours': Students walk out to protest sexual misconduct in TDSB schools

abuse accountability crime education misconduct pedophilia rape

Students chanted outside Harbord Collegiate Institute Friday during a walkout to protest against the way the school handles allegations of sexual abuse involving staff and students.

"We are breaking the silence over sexual misconduct in schools to make sure that no student ever has to experience what we have experienced," said one student as her voice boomed through a speaker. "Our voices are not just rumours and we are not just rumours."

The students walked out of classes at the high school, located near Bathurst and Harbord streets, following multiple allegations that a staff member sexually harassed students. Students at several other high schools across the city staged walk outs, as well, to support the growing Not Just Rumours movement.

"While we encourage students to express their views in a respectful and responsible manner, we're also trying to ensure that they do so safely," said TSDB spokesperson Shari Schwartz-Maltz in a statement to CBC Toronto, adding that the accused teacher has been put on home assignment pending a board investigation.  (more...)


Sherman murders 'rapidly becoming a cold case': Donovan


accountability crime murder drugs education violence business litigation cold case pharmaceutical
Rubbed elbows with CIA recruiters at school

CIA Documentary: On Company Business

Inside the CIA: On Company Business" PARTS I, II & III (1980) is a gripping and penetrating look inside the world's most powerful secret institutionalized conspiracy organization. This rare, long suppressed, award-winning documentary series by the late Great American Allan Francovich is an absolute must for anyone studying the truly loathsome and nauseating activities of the CIA 1950-1980. This Complete Series Includes: PART I: THE HISTORY; PART II: ASSASSINATION; PART III: SUBVERSION. Ex-CIA Spies Phillip Agee and John Stockwell risk all to expose the CIA Frankenstein in full relief, its perfidy and anti-democratic, anti-union methodologies. Understand how elite New York-London financiers were able to successfully subvert the American System by using the CIA as one in a bag of fascist, bloody tools to transform the USA into a tyrannical Empire the Founding Fathers flatly rejected. Don't expect any stands for human rights or one man one vote from these amoral operatives. See Richard Helms, William Colby, David Atlee Phillips, James Wilcott, Victor Marchetti, Joseph B. Smith, and other key players in a uniquely American tragedy of truly historic proportions. "Inside the CIA: On Company Business, one of the most important American films ever made, is a vital and dramatic examination of the CIA and US foreign policy.

accountability CIA crime fascism totalitarianism subversion assassination history foreign policy

Dedicated to my college don, the college spook. "Loathsome and nauseating" is about right. Another attendee at my college during that era was Honey Sherman, who was recently murdered in Toronto along with her husband Barry. Could Honey have been recruited as a CIA agent, as my don had unsuccessfully attempted to recruit me? Could her demise have stemmed from a falling out with a CIA officer?

accountability CIA crime fascism totalitarianism subversion assassination history foreign policy

In a weird sense, this is how my Brazilian family sought refuge in Canada and how I, in turn, found refuge in them. Here is some of CIA's handiwork in the land of my family:

Sexual allegations against coach rock Montreal’s National Circus School

Montreal police have arrested a coach at the city’s elite National Circus School, accusing him of various charges related to sexual predatory behaviour involving a minor.

Marcelo Berti Marques, 44, was charged late Thursday afternoon with enticing a minor with sexual intentions, making explicit sexual material available to a minor, sexual luring and possessing child pornography.

“These accusations are serious that have minimum sentences attached to them,” said defence lawyer Michael Morena. “For anybody who is not a usual member acting in the justice system, you go from one day having a normal life to the next day having charges against you. It’s shocking.”

The mother of the alleged victim has spoken extensively with Global News.  (more...)

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Three Percenters are Canada's 'most dangerous' extremist group, say some experts

hate racism extremism xenophobia islamophobia Islam immigration militia nazi fascism

When hundreds of white supremacists staged a march in Charlottesville, Va., last August, most of the attention was on the counter-protester killed when a vehicle, believed to have been driven by one of the marchers, plowed into a crowd of pedestrians, and on the controversial statements made about the event by U.S. President Donald Trump.

There was little news coverage, however, of an armed group called the Three Percenters, whose members, dressed in paramilitary gear and carrying guns, attended the rally, acting as a self-styled security detail independent of law enforcement.

The name of the group is a reference to the claim — debated among historians — that only three per cent of Americans took up arms and served in George Washington's Colonial Army in the American Revolution against the British.

The group says its main goals are to protect the right to bear arms, defend against an "overreaching government" and "push back against tyranny" but claims on its website that it is not a militia and not anti-government per se.

The group was established in 2008 and picked up steam after the election of Barack Obama as U.S. president, part of a broader growth of anti-government groups that some observers have dubbed the patriot movement.  (more...)


hate racism extremism xenophobia islamophobia Islam immigration militia nazi fascism

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece. (Proverbs 16:27)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

These Toronto high-schoolers are walking out of class for tougher action on teachers who sexually touch students

abuse crime education pedophilia misconduct rape politics

Students at least three Toronto high schools plan to walk out of class this Friday to demand the provincial government take action to protect students from teachers who engage in sexual abuse or misconduct.

The protest will happen days after the province changed the law to revoke the licences of teachers who grope or sexually touch their students, following a Star investigation into abusive teachers that had been transferred from school to school.

That change is long overdue, but not enough, Harbord Collegiate Institute student Sara Escallon-Sotomayor, 16, told the Star on Wednesday.

“There are still some things that are lacking in legislation that we think are necessary to make schools a safer environment,” she said.

Escallon-Sotomayor was among a group of students from Harbord who mobilized around a homegrown movement called Not Just Rumours, after a Star investigation probed the case of a Harbord teacher alleged to have engaged in “sexualized behaviour” for years.  (more...)


New anti-hate group aims to monitor 'growing threat' of far-right extremists in Canada

nazi fascism hate racism white supremacy xenophobia immigration islamophobia anti-semitism

A new group says it is planning to research, monitor and expose more than 100 far-right groups spreading hate across Canada.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network, formed by more than 15 academics, journalists, legal experts and community leaders, says it will launch a website in the next few weeks that will provide profiles of hate groups operating in Canada.

Bernie Farber, chair of the network, said the organization is a way for people already keeping an eye on the Canadian far right to pool resources online, while the profiles will draw attention to the names, locations and ideologies of the groups.

"We have seen the ebbs and flows of hate groups and the damage that they can do," Farber told CBC's Metro Morning on Tuesday.  (more...)


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

York Region parent hoping to join the school board she battled over racial discrimination

accountability bullying education politics misconduct parents racism

Two years ago, Charline Grant took the York Region school board to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal after she was hit with a racial slur. Now she is running for a chance to sit on the board herself.

Grant formally announced her intention to run for school board trustee last week, making the announcement on Twitter, saying it was time to take on this “worthy cause.”

The municipal election takes place Oct. 22.

Grant said she has been thinking of an election run for “some time now,” to ensure the positive change that has already started at the province’s third largest school board, which had faced numerous controversies over the past two years, will be seen through to the end.

“I realized I need to be there,” said Grant. “I had heard that a lot of the same faces were in the running, and that was concerning to me. The same faces would mean the same conversations, and the same thought processes.”  (more...)


While public discourse has been preoccupied with "identities" that are, in reality, choices, the original and most pressing struggle for human rights has languished. One can surmise that the salon Marxists who gave us gender ideology planned it that way. The "master race" has mastered the arts of diversion and deception and lured us into a hall of mirrors. Cultural Marxism is a close cousin to Naziism. I.G. Farben and the Institute for Social Research both reside in Frankfurt.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Social Conservative Operation Barbarossa

It's that season again in the lives of social conservatives:

culture wars family fascism politics prolife deja vu

Our last princeling of politics has done a Lucy on us. But, there are new plans afoot in the Lebensbunker.

culture wars family fascism politics prolife deja vu
Verrrrry interesting plans, indeed
In preparation for our next glorious offensive, we have launched our ingenious new money-grubbing campaign:

Pro-life Death Camps!

Extracting the gold fillings of Liberals unworthy of life, we shall construct a death machine to relentlessly crush the commie progressives who stand in our way.

culture wars family fascism politics prolife deja vu
See you in Stalingrad

Glorifying Nazis is bad, period

nazi fascism history diplomacy hate racism anti-semitism military war holocaust

On April 29, in the western Ukraine city of Lviv hundreds of demonstrators marched through the streets chanting anti-Semitic Nazi slogans while repeatedly thrusting their right arms forward in the straight arm Nazi salute.

The purpose of the parade was to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the creation of the 14th Waffen SS Division ‘Galician.’

This unit was comprised of Ukrainian volunteers, many of them from Lviv who served as members of Adolf Hitler’s SS killing machine under the direct control of Heimrich Himmler.

Naturally enough, the Lviv parade honouring SS troopers drew the condemnation of the international Jewish community. Eduard Dolinsky, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee told the Times of Israel that this Nazi parade was “a scandalous event that should not be allowed to happen in Ukraine in which murderers of Jews and others are glorified.”

Andrew Srulevitch, director of European Affairs at the Anti-Defamation league wrote on Twitter, “Ukrainian leaders need to condemn such marches, where Ukrainian extremists celebrate Ukrainian Nazi SS divisions (1st Galician), giving Nazi salutes in uniform in the middle of a major Ukrainian city.”

The bizarre and unsettling tribute parade to Nazi killers also drew stern rebuke from none other than the U.S. Congress.

A recent letter signed by 57 Congressmen strongly condemned Ukrainian legislation, which they claimed “glorifies Nazi collaborators.”

Of course in Canada there was no news of this incident and certainly no official condemnation. That is because such behaviour runs counter to the current official narrative of ‘Russia bad, Ukraine good.’ One British media report went so far as to claim that the Ukrainian Nazi supporters in the Lviv parade were “playing into the hands of the Russian propagandists.”

So marching around in a Nazi uniform spewing anti-Semitic slogans is only a bad thing if the Russians can use it as a weapon in the so-called information war?  (more...)


nazi fascism history diplomacy hate racism anti-semitism military war holocaust