Saturday, April 21, 2018

McInnes, Molyneux, and 4chan: Investigating pathways to the alt-right

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What brings someone into the alt-right ecosystem?

The question was posed in two threads posted during the last week of March on the white nationalist forum The Right Stuff (TRS), leading 74 individual users to describe their radicalization narratives.

Respondents recount a transformation that takes place almost entirely online. Led either by their own curiosity or an algorithm, the content they consumed became increasingly extreme, fostering their radicalization and guiding them eventually to TRS. Their responses reveal a pipeline between the alt-lite and racist “alt-right,” with many users explaining that alt-lite figures like Gavin McInnes were the first to introduce them to hardcore, veteran white nationalists.

The two threads, titled “WHAT BROUGHT YOU INTO THE MOVEMENT?” and “Path here beginning from Gavin,” asked posters to reflect on their own “red pill” narratives and provide tips for converting others. “Here’s the challenge,” a user identified as The Somalisher wrote. “Create a list of succession from the Alt-Light to us. I have friends who like Gavin…But I can’t exactly throw [Andrew] Anglin at them.”

The user continued, “It sometimes requires softer steps to ‘radical’ perspectives.”

The two threads refer specifically to bringing people into the fold of TRS and the Daily Stormer, which together serve as the core of neo-Nazism online. TRS, the brainchild of Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, started as a political blog in 2012 and has since transformed into one of the largest alt-right media platforms. It hosts a lively message board called the 504um and dozens of podcasts, the most popular of which are “The Daily Shoah” and news-oriented “Fash the Nation.” The Daily Stormer operates in the same orbit, consciously using humor to indoctrinate its readers.

Together, the two sites have become the preeminent propaganda machines for the alt-right. They’re also some of the most effective spaces for organizing real-world, local groups, called “book clubs” by the Stormer and “pool parties” on TRS.  (more...)

Of particular interest is that the movement no longer bats an eye at gays. Traditional minorities have been muscled out of rights discourse and been marginalized by the new kids on the block. Witness:

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Log Cabin Republicans? LGBTory? Return of the Brownshirts?
Yep. The gay scene's less hassle than this:

N.S. teacher convicted in Switzerland sexual abuse case had prior Ontario allegations

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Years before Tom Kilgour became a convicted pedophile, he was fresh off an Ontario child sexual abuse trial and back home in New Glasgow.

Kilgour was hired as a substitute teacher by the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board for the 1998-99 school year, and would teach at various schools in Pictou County that year. It would be his third and final teaching stint in Pictou County.

Ontario court records obtained by The Chronicle Herald show that just days before the school year began, on Aug. 28, 1998, Kilgour’s 26-month trial in Newmarket, Ont., on charges of sexual exploitation and sexual assault involving a teenage boy, had ended with an acquittal.

This is a story about a teacher first accused and cleared of sexual assault against children, who was allowed to teach until he was convicted in Switzerland on similar charges nearly two decades later.

In 1999, Kilgour left the Chignecto-Central board and taught at a private boarding school in Switzerland during the early 2000s. There, he was convicted of sexually abusing four teenage boys.

Kilgour is now fighting to overturn the 30-month jail sentence imposed by a Swiss judge last May for engaging in sexual acts with children and sexual coercion.

His appeal hearing is scheduled for Tuesday in Switzerland.  (more...)

Friday, April 20, 2018

Nazi Queen Bee: U.S. woman sentenced to life for Valentine's day shooting spree plot at Halifax mall

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HALIFAX — A Chicago-area woman who plotted to go on a Valentine’s Day shooting rampage at a Halifax mall has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for a decade.

American Lindsay Souvannarath pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to commit murder in a plan that would have seen two shooters open fire at the Halifax Shopping Centre food court in 2015.

Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Peter Rosinski told the court Friday she is and will remain a threat to society.

The judge said Souvannarath has not expressed remorse for her murderous plot, nor has she renounced her ideological motivations for the conspiracy.

Rosinski said he is satisfied that had the plan not been interrupted by an anonymous tip and the quick actions of local police, the plot to kill unsuspecting shoppers would have been carried out.  (more...)


Not to worry. Here's a pro-life Nazi:

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Never abort a white baby

Culture of silence among TDSB teachers is chilling

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As the parent of children streamed to attend Harbord Collegiate and the victim of childhood sexual assault perpetrated at school, I was so grateful to the Star for its articles regarding the sexual harassment of students and a culture of silence surrounding it.

It is shocking that complaints and allegations could have been ignored for five years. It would suggest that the administration condones sexual harassment. Nobody should have to attend a school where the principal seems to think it’s OK for a teacher to poke a female student between the legs with a freezie.

It chills me to think of teachers being silenced about this. Why will the teachers only speak out on the condition of anonymity? Why was former Ontario College of Teachers disciplinary committee member Monika Ferenczy seemingly driven to resign?  (more...)


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Today's lesson: How to melt a freezie

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hans Asperger, the doctor famed for his early work in autism, was a cog in Hitler's killing machine

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The doctor who gave his name to Asperger syndrome sent helpless disabled children to their deaths in a vile euthanasia clinic, a study shows.

Dr Hans Asperger, an Austrian psychiatrist, was first to chronicle the condition, a form of high-functioning autism in 1944.

He wrote detailed case notes about child patients suffering from what he called 'autistic psychopathy' while working in Vienna under Nazi rule.

The research overturns decades of claims that the child psychiatrist was an 'Oskar Schindler' figure who saved children from being killed or used in horrific medical experiments.

Now patient groups said the research triggers the question whether is still acceptable to continue to call the condition - after the discredited doctor.

Asperger is believed to have consigned dozens of children to their death at Am Spiegelgrund, a children's clinic in Vienna's notorious Steinhof hospital.

The clinic served the Nazi goal of eugenically engineering a genetically 'pure' society through 'racial hygiene' and the elimination of lives deemed a burden.  (more...)

There’s a ‘noticeable increase’ of hate crimes in Mississauga and Brampton, report says

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The increased publicity of far-right extremist groups is partially to blame for the “noticeable increase” in hate crimes in Mississauga and Brampton, says a report that will be presented to the Peel Regional Police Services Board on Friday.

The 2017 annual Hate/Bias Motivated Crime Report reveals hate crimes in Peel shot up last year with 158 incidents compared to 59 in 2016.

“Part of the reason for this increase may be related to a focus on hate-motivated crime training, part of which includes information being relayed to community members on the importance of reporting such crimes,” wrote Peel police Const. Karen McNeilly in the report. “Additionally, the recent increase in groups espousing far-right ideologies may be triggering more overt crimes of hate, such as graffiti-related mischief, with a particular focus on the Jewish and Muslim faiths.”

McNeilly added that the “noticeable increase” in reported hate crimes should be put into context.

“Irrespective of the fact that the regional community is increasingly more diverse, hate/bias motivated crimes reported to police continue to be low,” she states in the report.

The Hate Crime Report by the Peel service documented incidents in 2017.  (more...)


Canadian humanitarian worker Peter Dalglish arrested in child sex investigation in Nepal, police say

A 60-year-old Canadian humanitarian worker and former United Nations staff member was arrested in Nepal and is under investigation for child sex crimes, according to police.

Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police (CIB) confirmed to Global News that Peter John Dalglish was arrested Saturday on suspicion of pedophilia.

CIB Chief Pushkar Karki explained to Global News the case against Dalglish is before the court and he “is being investigated for child sexual exploitation abuse.”

According to police, Dalglish was taken from a home in a district north of Kathmandu. Police said in a statement two girls, 12 and 14 years old, were “rescued” from the home.

Police allege children were lured with a promise of education and foreign travel before they were sexually abused.

Authorities said in the statement they are investigating whether more children may have been victims.  (more...)


Borderland: Rabbi Marvin Antelman - The Sabbatean-Frankists

Is there an Abrahamic religious borderland where schismatics lurk, converting to Judaism, Christianity, or Islam as needed to stay one step ahead of ecclesial authority? How do they interact with legitimate religious bodies and with secular authority? To what degree have they infiltrated and corrupted "official" religion? What role has Freemasonry played in this borderland?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

German police launch crackdown on human trafficking, organized crime

Security forces in Germany conducted multiple raids and detained more than 100 people on Wednesday, targeting human traffickers and criminals involved in "smuggling, forced prostitution and exploitation," the police announced on Twitter.

About 1,500 police officers, including Germany's GSG9 elite SWAT teams, took part in the raids.

The security forces targeted a gang suspected of smuggling sex workers from Thailand, police spokesman Jens Flören said. According to the mass-circulation Bild newspaper, the Federal Police searched more than 60 brothels and apartments, many of them in the northwest German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. However, police forces were also active in many other regions of Germany.

Police detained a 59-year-old Thai woman in the town of Siegen alongside several other people, according to Bild. The woman is suspected of being a leader of the gang along with her 62-year-old German partner. The two allegedly build a criminal network involving over 50 people, most of them women.

In a separate statement, police officials said the gang used forged visas to bring women and transgender people from Thailand to Germany. The group allegedly charged between €16,000 and €30,000 ($19,800 to $37,120) for the visas and then forced the newcomers into sex work as a way to repay their debts. Hundreds of such workers were then moved from brothel to brothel to avoid suspicion. The investigators are focusing on 17 ringleaders across Germany.  (more...)


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Whitby elementary school teacher faces new sexual-assault charges

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Fourteen new charges have been laid against a Durham Region teacher already facing multiple allegations of sexually assaulting students.

Thomas Grieve is now accused of 15 counts of criminal sexual conduct with children under the age of 16, according to information released Tuesday, April 17 by Durham police.

Grieve, an elementary teacher at Robert Munsch Public School in Whitby, was arrested in mid-March on eight counts each of sexual assault and sexual interference. After more allegations surfaced, Grieve was charged with an additional seven counts each of sexual assault and sexual interference, police said.

Sexual interference is described in the Criminal Code as touching or inviting touching from someone under 16 for a sexual purpose.

“It is alleged the teacher was involved in inappropriate relations with some of his students during school hours,” police said in a media release.

Grieve also coached the female under-18 team for the Durham Rebels Volleyball Club. He previously taught at E.A. Fairman Public School in Whitby and various schools as a supply teacher. He has also taught night school and summer school at numerous secondary schools.  (more...)


Cathevangelic Night of the Long Knives

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To the gas-chambers with veil-wearing Catholics and hijab-wearing Muslims
It was an ill-fated marriage; a sloppy munging together with political slime. As more Catholics realize we cannot be shoehorned into a Procrustean bed with Evangelicals, conservatives  gaze with horror on the inevitable bitter recriminations of an abandoned love-child:

Will the sun finally and irrevocably set on the homofascist empire?

Catholic Evangelical homosexuality gay agenda politics heresy Islam ecumenism conservatism
Marching home from the culture war

Monday, April 16, 2018

Nazi-obsessed woman who plotted 2015 Valentine's Day 'Der Untergang' shooting spree at Halifax mall believed 'stupid people deserved to die'

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HALIFAX — High school friends remember Lindsay Souvannarath as quiet, clean-cut and weird.

She wore yellow high heels and bright lipstick to class at her middle-class high school in suburban Chicago. She joined a role-playing club that brought Dungeons and Dragons to life, liked creative writing and contributed to the year book.

It wasn’t till later that Souvannarath embraced a “school shooter chic” aesthetic, as described in what appears to be her Tumblr blog featuring a pink swastika.

She became obsessed with Nazism, the Columbine shooting and a plot she nicknamed “Der Untergang” — a Valentine’s Day shooting spree at a Halifax shopping mall, according to her former friends and a statement of facts in the case.

It’s that plan to go on a murderous rampage at the Halifax Shopping Centre in 2015 that would lead to Souvannarath’s downfall — and a sentencing hearing that begins Monday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

Souvannarath pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder last April, several months after Randall Steven Shepherd — a Halifax man described in court as the “cheerleader” of the shooting plot — was sentenced to a decade in jail. A third alleged conspirator, 19-year-old James Gamble, was found dead in his Halifax-area home a day before the planned attack.  (more...)


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Achtung baby

Friday, April 13, 2018

George Weigel, Donald Trump and the End of the Catholic Neocons

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Having lost all bearing in the Trump-Francis era, the Catholic neocons have been very quiet as of late. From Francis’s attack on “trickledown economics” in Evangelii Gaudium (2013) to his persistent support of not only economic but cultural Marxism, the current bishop of Rome has fashioned himself as a man decidedly of the left.

Meanwhile on the home front, with his protectionist economic policies, curtailing of immigration and his refusal to commit to a foreign war in the name of freedom and democracy, President Donald Trump has refused to sign on the neocon agenda that had reigned in the White House for decades.

The remaining two of the original four horsemen of Catholic neoconservativism, George Weigel and Professor Robert George have largely laid low as it has become clear that Americans are in no mood for foreign intervention, American jobs sent to foreign places, or foreign invasion via immigration.

However, seeing recent moves in support of neocon policy by some in the Trump White House, the neocons have decided to test the waters and see if American Catholics are ready for another round of foreign wars.

In The Public Discourse’s “Could a Preemptive Strike on North Korea or Iran be Morally Justified?”, Dr. Robert Kennedy, a Catholic Studies Professor at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota argues it would be morally licit, according to Catholic theology, for a country to preemptively attack another country.  (more...)


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Toronto high school teacher charged with sexual assault of student

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John Kraft, 57
A Toronto high school teacher is facing charges after an allegation of sexual assault involving one of his students.

Toronto police said they were called at Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts, near Lawrence Ave. and Pharmacy Ave. around 9:40 a.m. on March 29.

Following an investigation, it is alleged that a teacher sexually assaulted a female student. Police said the incidents occurred at the school from late 2017 to March 2018.

According to a school letter sent to parents on Wednesday, the suspect was a visual media arts teacher.  (more...)

Over 150 people arrested in connection with child exploitation, 7 in Toronto

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A three-year joint-agency investigation into global online sexual exploitation has resulted in the arrest of more than 150 people and the rescue of about a dozen children.

The international investigation was named Project Mercury and included officers from Toronto Police, Ottawa Police, RCMP in Saskatchewan, Homeland Security Investigations in the United States, and the National Crime Agency in the United Kingdom.

In a news conference on Thursday, Det. Const. Janelle Blackadar said the child exploitations unit of the Toronto police launched an undercover investigation in 2014 that led to the arrest of 16 Canadians.

“In 2014, the national crime agency in the United Kingdom discovered a group of offenders who were engaged in the sexual abuse of children, the youngest of which was 10 months old,” she said. “The abuses were not only recorded and distributed, but often took place in live streaming events where others could actively participate, encourage and direct the sexual abuse of these children. “

The national crime agency identified one of these participants as a Toronto resident.  (more...)

The police news release:

Regnery, Dictators, and Popes

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A publisher enraptured by dictators? Beam me up, Henry.
It was no accident that LUCIANNE GOLDBERG worked with ALFRED REGNERY, a man with isolationist and pro-Nazi forebearers. Regnery was friends with KEN STARR, and RICHARD SCAIFE, who had worked in the CIA for decades and runs his own version of the Agency whose purpose is to bring down President Clinton. This researcher detects the hand of a rightwing invisible government attempting to overthrow a democratically elected President, in a bloodless coup.

KEN STARR was a friend of the late Henry Regnery and is a friend of ALFRED REGNERY, Henry's son. ALFRED'S grandfather, William Regnery was a founder of the American Security Council.

The person most responsible for establishing the American Security Council was General Robert Wood, then Chairman of Sears Roebuck. Prior to Pearl Harbor, Wood was also the chairman of the America First Committee, an organization committed to opposing all efforts to aid Allies besieged by Nazi Germany. As national chairman, Wood made no effort to keep out openly pro-Nazi groups known to have been supported by Germany, such as the German American Bund. Radio priest Father Charles Coughlin's anti-Semitic and pro-Axis followers were also permitted by Wood to work within America First. A 1942 FBI report indicated that Wood's "patriotic" group had "been called upon to accept financial assistance from pro-Nazi sources."

In 1945, Regnery met Frank Hanighen, an Omaha businessman, who with two other isolationists, Felix Morley and William Henry Chamberlin, had started a weekly broadsheet in Washington, Human Events. Regnery became a co-owner and the treasurer of the paper, but he was unwilling to leave the Midwest. In 1947, with his father's help, he founded Henry Regnery Company. The first two books he published were pro-German attacks on the Nuremberg Trials. The company's third book was In Darkest Germany (1947) which reported that bombing raids in Germany's industrial North had left civilians starving and homeless. Neither of these nor the subsequent books Regnery had published made money, and by the time Buckley sent God and Man at Yale to Regnery in April 1951 the firm was barely solvent. In 1954 Regnery published two of Birch Society leader Robert Welch's books.  (more...)


C.I.A. Connections of White Nationalist Leaders and Alternative Media Figures

business fascism Nazi Catholic mainstream media politics neocons publishing

Public school board's response to harassment concerns disappoints complainants

abuse accountability harassment crime education misconduct pedophilia rape

London’s public school board is doing nothing to root out sexual harassment and a culture of fear hampering complainants and whistleblowers, two teachers who filed complaints and a women’s advocate charged Wednesday after a closed meeting of the board.

“What would be courageous and empathetic is for them to admit that their harassment policies, procedures and investigations are not perfect and have left many people feeling hurt and unheard,” teacher Najwa Zebian said.

“When you want to solve a problem, you need to ask: ‘Where did we go wrong? Is it possible that our harassment policies and procedures are in need of an audit? Did we not fairly deal with certain cases in the past? Are some people hurt as a result of this? And what can we do to change that?’ ”

It’s clear trustees with the Thames Valley District school board and senior administration believe everything is fine, said another teacher who said she filed a complaint, adding she fears reprisals and does not want to be identified.

“Nobody wants to take any responsibility and jeopardize their job. No one is stepping forward to say we need to reflect on how things are going and how we can improve,” she said. “That’s the way to do this. I expected that, I thought (school board chair) Matt Reid was going to lead them.”  (more...)


abuse accountability harassment crime education misconduct pedophilia rape

Concordia, McGill hold joint protest for action on allegations of sexual violence

abuse accountability harassment crime education misconduct rape

Students from McGill and Concordia Universities joined forces Wednesday to protest over recent allegations of sexual violence by professors.

About 1,000 students walked out of class and came together for a joint rally outside the administration building on McGill's downtown campus.

The students were protesting how both universities have handled complaints of sexual violence and harassment.

Student leaders from both schools spoke, with many saying administrators aren't doing enough to protect students or to encourage victims to come forward.

In January, two Concordia teachers in the creative writing department were removed from their classes pending an investigation after they were accused of sexual misconduct.

In March, a former Concordia philosophy student filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, claiming the school did nothing to help her when she accused a professor of sexual harassment in 2009.

Recently, members of the McGill University Students’ Society called for an external investigation into how that university handles allegations against professors.

They say adminstrators haven't acted despite repeated complaints against some faculty.  (more...)


abuse accountability harassment crime education misconduct rape

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Doug Ford resists pressure to remove Tanya Granic Allen from Mississauga nomination fight

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PC Leader Doug Ford is resisting pressure to bar former leadership contender Tanya Granic Allen from seeking the party’s nomination in Mississauga Centre over controversial social media posts about Muslims and gays.

The comments, first revealed in the Star, compared women in burkas to “bank robbers” and “ninjas” and questioned gay marriage, now legal in Ontario.

Those remarks prompted rival parties and a Muslim clergyman to call on Ford to disqualify Granic Allen from the April 21 nomination race, whose winner will carry the Progressive Conservative banner in the June 7 provincial election.

“It’s pretty disappointing to see somebody seeking public office who has those kinds of attitudes that can be described as racist and homophobic,” NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said Tuesday.

“The Conservatives will have to they will go forward,” Premier Kathleen Wynne told reporters at a west-end school. “But that kind of behaviour, that kind of language, that kind of attitude, I believe has no place in our society.”  (more...)

Everyone has an opinion:


Awkward Bedfellows: Gay Men and the Alternative Right

nazi fascism homosexuality gay agenda politics xenophobia islam

The broad Alternative Right, a loose and often unstable collection of far-right doctrines, possesses a range of conflicting attitudes regarding homosexuality and gay rights. Far-right movements have never been renowned for their tolerance towards LGBT+ individuals, and lesbians and trans people are shunned by the Alternative Right. Unsurprisingly, some in the extreme alt-right call for the repression and the potential expulsion/extermination of LGBT+ individuals.

While there is near universal agreement on the opposition to conceptions of gender as non-binary and socially constructed. Largely a feature of the strong sexism, glorification of masculinity and belief in biological determinism. The acceptance for a specific subsection of the LGBT people, namely gay men, is however more complicated. Elements within the more moderate alt-light – which is more concerned with culture than race – have tolerated openly gay figures amongst its figureheads. However, even those willing to have discourse with the LGBT+ community often do so in an attempt to mobilise LGBT+ rights as a wedge between liberals and Islamic cultures.

At its most extreme, alt-right discourse frames homosexuality and modern conceptions of gender as socially constructed as a symptom of societal decay, and LGBT+ rights as a tool of a Jewish conspiracy to undermine white society. This vein of thinking sometimes even results in open calls for the expulsion or violent eradication of LGBT+ people.  (more...)


nazi fascism homosexuality gay agenda politics xenophobia islam

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Father Krunoslav Draganović's Ratline

Ratlines were a system of escape routes for Nazis and other fascists fleeing Europe at the end of World War II. These escape routes mainly led toward havens in South America, particularly Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile. Other destinations included the United States and perhaps Canada and the Middle East. There were two primary routes: the first went from Germany to Spain, then Argentina; the second from Germany to Rome to Genoa, then South America. The origins of the first ratlines are connected to various developments in Vatican-Argentine relations before and during World War II.

The major Roman ratline was operated by a small, but influential network of Croatian priests, members of the Franciscan order, led by Father Krunoslav Draganović. Draganović organized a highly sophisticated chain with headquarters at the San Girolamo degli Illirici Seminary College in Rome, but with links from Austria to the final embarcation point in the port of Genoa. The ratline initially focused on aiding members of the Croatian Ustashe movement, most notably the Croat wartime dictator Ante Pavelić.

Priests active in the chain included: Fr. Vilim Cecelja, former Deputy Military Vicar to the Ustashe, based in Austria where many Ustashe and Nazi refugees remained in hiding; Fr. Dragutin Kamber, based at San Girolamo; Fr. Dominik Mandić, an official Vatican representative at San Girolamo and also "General Economist" or treasurer of the Franciscan order - who used this position to put the Franciscan press at the ratline's disposal; and Monsignor Karlo Petranović, based in Genoa. Vilim would make contact with those hiding in Austria and help them across the border to Italy; Kamber, Mandić and Draganović would find them lodgings, often in the monastery itself, while they arranged documentation; finally Draganović would phone Petranović in Genoa with the number of required berths on ships leaving for South America.

The operation of the Draganović ratline was an open secret among the intelligence and diplomatic communities in Rome. As early as August 1945, Allied commanders in Rome were asking questions about the use of San Girolamo as a "haven" for Ustashe. A year later, a US State Department report of 12 July 1946 lists nine war criminals, including Albanians and Montenegrins as well as Croats, plus others "not actually sheltered in the COLLEGIUM ILLIRICUM [i.e., San Girolamo degli Illirici] but who otherwise enjoy Church support and protection." The British envoy to the Holy See, Francis Osborne, asked Domenico Tardini, a high ranking Vatican official, for a permission that would have allowed British military police to raid ex-territorial Vatican Institutions in Rome. Tardini declined and denied that the church sheltered war criminals.

In February 1947 CIC Special Agent Robert Clayton Mudd reported ten members of Pavelić's Ustasha cabinet living either in San Girolamo or in the Vatican itself. Mudd had infiltrated an agent into the monastery and confirmed that it was "honeycombed with cells of Ustashe operatives" guarded by "armed youths". Mudd also reported: "It was further established that these Croats travel back and forth from the Vatican several times a week in a car with a chauffeur whose license plate bears the two initials CD, "Corpo Diplomatico". It issues forth from the Vatican and discharges its passengers inside the Monastery of San Geronimo. Subject to diplomatic immunity it is impossible to stop the car and discover who are its passengers." Mudd's conclusion was the following:
 "DRAGANOVIC's sponsorship of these Croat Ustashes definitely links him up with the plan of the Vatican to shield these ex-Ustasha nationalists until such time as they are able to procure for them the proper documents to enable them to go to South America. The Vatican, undoubtedly banking on the strong anti-Communist feelings of these men, is endeavoring to infiltrate them into South America in any way possible to counteract the spread of Red doctrine. It has been reliably reported, for example that Dr. VRANCIC has already gone to South America and that Ante PAVELIC and General KREN are scheduled for an early departure to South America through Spain. All these operations are said to have been negotiated by DRAGANOVIC because of his influence in the Vatican." 
The existence of Draganović's ratline has been confirmed by a Vatican historian, Fr. Robert Graham: "I've no doubt that Draganović was extremely active in syphoning off his Croatian Ustashe friends." On four occasions the Vatican intervened on behalf of interned Ustasha prisoners. The Secretariat of State asked the U.K. and U.S. government to release Croatian POWs from British internment camps in Italy.


war politics Catholic crime nazi fascism

London school board calls meeting after principal charged with sexual assault

abuse crime education misconduct pedophilia rape

London’s public school board has called a special meeting for Tuesday in the wake of criminal charges and allegations of sexual misconduct against principal Michael Deeb.

The chair of the Thames Valley district school board, Matt Reid, would not confirm why the meeting was called.

But he did say it was called Monday and will deal, in-camera, with a personnel, property or legal matter before a planning and priorities advisory committee meeting.

Reid received a letter Friday from Megan Walker, executive-director of the London Abused Women’s Centre, calling for a third party investigation into allegations against Deeb.

The board has not responded to the letter yet.

“We are still reviewing it and the trustees need a chance to talk about it,” Reid said.

Deeb, 49, on leave from his principal’s post at Beal secondary school, was charged Thursday with sexual exploitation and sexual assault of a female student in 2000-2001.  (more...)


Monday, April 9, 2018

NAZI Political Biology: The Hotwiring of Power Politics, Naturalism, Environmentalism & Racism

nazi ecology environmentalism fascism eugenics war

Adolf Hitler once proclaimed, “we will not only create a Germany of power, but also a Germany of beauty.”  Much earlier, and spoken at a time when Germany had been financially suffering for many years from what they deemed to be the international crisis of capitalism foisted upon them by the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler once simplified the purpose of the National Socialist movement, “I have the ambition to make the German people rich and Germany beautiful.”  While scholar after scholar has spilled a lot of ink describing Nazi Germany’s political power and the Third Reich’s economy, relatively few have paid much attention to the second aspect of Hitler’s overall plans for Germany – to make it beautiful.  This certainly would have included Hitler’s grandiose romantic plans to help turn cities like Berlin into a Greco-Roman Germania, but it also included sweeping environmental legislation at the federal level that made Nazi Germany the greenest regime on the planet by 1935.

By 1935, Nazi Germany had passed three landmark green laws at the federal level that were the most environmentally progressive of the era.  They were all signed by the Fuhrer and considered to be his personal pet projects.  The first was an animal rights protection law passed in 1933, followed by a very friendly environmental hunting law called the Reich Game Law in 1934.  The capstone of Nazi ecology, however, was the Reich Nature Protection Law passed in 1935 called the RNG.   This particular law was well ahead of its time as it promoted green social engineering schemes over private property along holistic, totalitarian lines.  The Nazi slogan for the RNG was all encompassing, “it shall be the whole landscape!”  Here is seen the birth of environmental effects reports and permits.  Though seldom used, private property could also be expropriated without compensation for environmental reasons.  That this was born in Nazi Germany is not an insignificant fact.

In addition to these environmental laws, the Nazis also started forestry practices called Dauerwald, which means ‘eternal forest.’  Some German greens had been pushing for Dauerwald to be put into practice at the federal level for years, but it was the Nazis who finally granted them their great wish.  This ecological pipe dream that a forester is required to refrain from cutting conifer stands under 50 years of age, refrain from clear-cutting more than 2.5% of the forest, use single tree selection cutting principles rather than clear-cuts, cut the worst rather than the best trees, and refrain from cutting the oldest and the biggest trees – all at the same time – perhaps could have only worked in the depressed era that characterized Germany 1930-1935.  Nazi foresters were also very concerned about eradicating diseased trees, not to mention invasive species, both of which they deemed detrimental to the German landscape. Thus the forest ecosystem must be kept consistent with its local Aryan healthy environment, “ask the trees, they will teach you how to become National Socialists!”  Thus, the green anti-invasive cult, so prevalent these days, was emphasized with a vengeance in Nazi Germany.  (more...)

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American Horror Story: The Shameful Truth About the Government's Secret Experiments

It’s easy to denounce the full-frontal horrors carried out by the scientific and medical community within a totalitarian regime such as Nazi Germany. However, what do you do with a government that claims to be a champion of human rights while allowing its agents to engage in the foulest and most despicable acts of torture, abuse and human experimentation? Mind you, the U.S. government has seldom had its citizens’ best interests at heart. The government didn’t have our best interests at heart when it passed laws subjecting us to all kinds of invasive searches and surveillance, and censoring our speech and stifling our expression. It didn’t have our best interests at heart when it turned America into a battlefield and transformed law enforcement agencies into extensions of the military. Certainly the government did not have our best interests at heart when it conducted secret experiments on an unsuspecting populace—citizens and noncitizens alike—making healthy people sick by spraying them with chemicals, injecting them with infectious diseases and exposing them to airborne toxins. Bottom line: a government that repeatedly lies, breaks the laws, overreaches its authority and abuses its power can’t be trusted.


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Arrested Development: The Criminalization of America’s Schoolchildren

“[P]ublic school reform is now justified in the dehumanizing language of national security, which increasingly legitimates the transformation of schools into adjuncts of the surveillance and police state… students are increasingly subjected to disciplinary apparatuses which limit their capacity for critical thinking, mold them into consumers, test them into submission, strip them of any sense of social responsibility and convince large numbers of poor minority students that they are better off under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system than by being valued members of the public schools.”—Professor Henry Giroux
For those hoping to better understand how and why we arrived at this dismal point in our nation’s history, where individual freedoms, privacy and human dignity have been sacrificed to the gods of security, expediency and corpocracy, look no farther than America’s public schools.

Once looked to as the starting place for imparting principles of freedom and democracy to future generations, America’s classrooms are becoming little more than breeding grounds for compliant citizens of the police state. In fact, as director Cevin Soling documents in his insightful, award-winning documentary The War on Kids, which recently aired on the Documentary Channel, the moment young people walk into school, they increasingly find themselves under constant surveillance: they are photographed, fingerprinted, scanned, x-rayed, sniffed and snooped on. Between metal detectors at the entrances, drug-sniffing dogs in the hallways and surveillance cameras in the classrooms and elsewhere, many of America’s schools look more like prisons than learning facilities.

Add to this the epidemic of arresting schoolchildren and treating them as if they are dangerous criminals, and you have the makings of a perfect citizenry for the Orwellian society—one that can be easily cowed, controlled, and directed. Indeed, what once was looked upon as classically childish behavior such as getting into food fights, playing tag, doodling, hugging, kicking and throwing temper tantrums is now being criminalized.  (more...)

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Was the Russian Embassy's press secretary expelled from Canada for telling the embarrassing truth? Sure sounds that way!

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Was Kirill Kalinin some kind of intelligence operative, as the Trudeau Government and The Globe and Mail now want us to think, or just an unusually talkative and savvy social media spokesperson for the Russian Embassy in Canada, as reported in the National Post’s Friday morning scoop that he was among those caught in the NATO-wide purge of Russian diplomats implies?

It's an interesting question, although probably not all that significant in a world where all diplomatic representatives of all countries in all foreign posts are authorized by their hosts to keep their eyes open and report home on what they see.

That said, Kalinin's high-profile public role as press secretary of the Russian Embassy with the senior rank of First Secretary ... was quite unusual in the annals of diplomacy for an envoy who was not an ambassador.

The more significant question is whether Kalinin was some kind of political saboteur who interfered in Canada’s democracy, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims someone on the Russian Foreign Ministry's diplomatic staff was up to.

As the PM told a press conference Wednesday, with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg standing at his side, someone "used their diplomatic status to undermine Canada's security or interfere in our democracy."  (more...)


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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Advocate calls for inquiry after receiving new complaints about principal

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The fallout from sexual misconduct charges against a London principal spread Friday, with police looking for possible new complainants and the London Abused Women’s Centre calling for an investigation at the area public school board after learning of more allegations.

The centre received six calls Friday from a combination of complainants and whistleblowers after a story in The London Free Press about the charges against Michael Deeb, executive director Megan Walker said.

Some of the allegations date back 20 years, Walker said.

“This is a situation where many people knew what was going on and minimized it,” she said. “They always said, ‘Let it go.’ We have seen a pattern of dismissal. This could have stopped 20 years ago.”

None of the allegations that have now been made have been proved in court.

London lawyer Faisal Joseph, who has done the talking for Deeb, said he has concerns about how the allegations are unfolding.

“It’s concerning to me that people are not coming forward directly to the authorities or the Thames Valley District school board, but through a third party like Megan Walker,” Joseph said.

The school board must take allegations of sexual misconduct especially seriously, given its responsibility for children, Walker said.

She called on the board to begin an external, independent investigation into the allegations against Deeb and the culture she contends dismissed the complainants and, in some cases, exposed staff to reprisals.  (more...)


Friday, April 6, 2018

OPP casting wider net in probe of embattled London principal

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Ontario Provincial Police say they’re looking for more complainants after a London principal and community leader was charged Thursday with the sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a female student about 20 years ago.

“We believe there are possibly more, as a result of our investigation,” OPP Const. Ed Sanchuk said Friday.

“If anyone has any information, we encourage them to contact us.”

Michael Deeb, 49, is charged with sexual exploitation and sexual assault of a female student in 2000/2001, OPP confirmed Friday.

Police asked that anyone with information contact Det. Const. Aaron Brown of the Lambton County OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or (519) 882-1011, or their nearest police station.

Anyone who has been sexually assaulted, or knows someone who has, can call the Assaulted Women’s Helpline at 1-866-863-0511, where information will remain anonymous and confidential, OPP said.  (more...)


‘Culture of silence’ in education a roadblock to reporting colleagues

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Reporting colleagues’ misconduct can be an intimidating process in Ontario schools due to a “culture of silence,” education insiders say — though teachers still have a duty to report suspected abuse.

“The whole presumptive behaviour of ‘don’t snitch on your colleagues because it’ll come back to bite you’ is pretty much entrenched in the profession, and new teachers learn that very quickly,” said Monika Ferenczy, a former Ontario College of Teachers disciplinary committee member who adjudicated for about 20 hearings between 2012 and 2014.

The Ontario College of Teachers, a provincial oversight and licensing body, conducts dozens of investigations and disciplinary hearings each year after complaints are brought forward by administrators, teachers, and members of the public. The disciplinary committee can order penalties on teachers, including suspensions or coursework, or even take away their licence. In some cases, like having sex with a student, licence revocation is mandatory.

“If you report on another member, you better have pretty strong evidence,” said Ferenczy, who has since resigned from her position for what she called interference by her union and school board into her work. The college says that “reasonable grounds — information that an average person, using normal and honest judgement would need to decide — is reason enough to report.”  (more...)


Russian diplomat booted from Canada has some advice for Trudeau — it won’t work

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The Trudeau government’s attempts to silence Russian statements is un-Canadian, and it won’t work in the long run, says one of the Russian diplomats booted from Canada.

Kirill Kalinin, press secretary at the embassy in Ottawa, confirmed in an interview that he is one of four Russian diplomats told to leave Canada. He has been accused of being involved in an effort last year that outed Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s Ukrainian-born grandfather, Michael Chomiak, as a Nazi collaborator.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday the Russians had tried to undermine Canadian public opinion, citing the campaign aimed at Freeland.

“We all can remember the efforts by Russian propagandists to discredit our minister of foreign affairs in various ways through social media and by sharing scurrilous stories about her,” Trudeau told journalists, when asked for details about the removal of the Russian diplomats.

But Kalinin, who sent photos and links to the stories about Freeland’s grandfather to Canadian news outlets, said the material was already in the public domain, thanks to the work of Ukrainian Canadians who objected to the man’s Nazi past.  (more...)


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Won't miss Ottawa -- women who have no fashion sense or cooking skills
For those given to speculation, here's as good a guess as any:

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Plausible affirmability?