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Granddaddy of the Alt-Right: The Order of the Solar Temple


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Laurentian apprehension: Boiled, err, baked frogs, eh?

Yanis Varoufakis: Ireland a tax haven ‘free-riding’ on Europe

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Ireland is a tax haven “free-riding” on the rest of Europe, and remains deeply divided since the crash, former Greek finance minister and author Yanis Varoufakis has claimed.

Speaking at an event in Munich hosted by the Ifo institute for economic research, Mr Varoufakis said the euro zone was unsustainable and would impoverish peripheral countries such as Greece. He said the latest political and economic turbulence in Italy highlighted as much.

Asked if Ireland’s recent economic turnaround did not run counter to his narrative of euro zone disintegration, he said: “Ireland is a divided society. There are two Irelands. There is the real Ireland which remains depressed.

“If you look at those who are not connected to the offshore economy… to the Facebooks and the Apples and so on… the Irish who remain in old Ireland they remain just as badly off as they were 10 years ago,” he said. “And the discontent is massive.  (more...)


offshore tax evasion money laundering accountability transparency business corruption economy

Why Nestle is one of the most hated companies in the world

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Child labor, unethical promotion, manipulating uneducated mothers, pollution, price fixing and mislabeling – those are not words you want to see associated with your company. Nestle is the world’s largest foodstuff company, and it has a history that would make even hardcore industrialists shiver. We’re gonna look at why Nestle has such a bad reputation and whether or not it deserves it.

People love to hate, and they really love to hate on big companies – whether or not they have a reason to. I especially dislike it when the latter happens. Companies (big companies included) are the very backbone of our economy, and they often get a bad rep for little or no reason. But sometimes there is a reason, or as in this case, several solid reasons, as we’ll see below. Which brings me to the next point: why are we writing this article? ZME Science is a science website (crazy, right?), and this is not strictly science, at least not in the way our regular articles are. But we also write about environmental issues, especially when they affect many of us, and especially when we can make a difference.

Nestle is a Swiss multinational food and beverage company. According to Wikipedia, their products include baby food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, frozen food, pet foods, and snacks. Twenty-nine of their brands have sales of over $1 billion a year and have over 8,000 brands. They have 447 factories across 194 countries and employ around 333,000 people. They truly are what you would call a giant. They’re also considered to be one of the best employers in Europe with six LEED certifications and sponsor numerous activities and sustainable projects. Looking at only these stats, it would seem that Nestle is one of the “good guys”… but then why are they so hated? Let’s take it step by step.  (more...)

One of the mysteries of my youth is the career trajectory of my American college don. After being thrown out of seminary, he graduated from Columbia University as an English major. He was a Peace Corps volunteer and was thrown out of a Central American country for suspicion of being a CIA agent. At my college, he schmoozed among a milieu of fascists, Freemasons, and Salon Marxists. I had a conversation with the dean about what seemed to me very inappropriate behavior for a don at a Canadian university. Soon afterward, his academic career terminated and he re-emerged as an executive-level manager at Nestle Canada. What kind of connections did he have to land a job like that, straight out of academia? How do all these data points connect? Does any of this connect to the college's most famous dead socialite, Honey Sherman?

Greater transparency, accountability urged after researchers delve into sexual abuse by school employees

abuse accountability transparencey crime education misconduct pedophilia rape parents unions

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is calling for more transparency after a new report found school employees were responsible for hundreds of alleged sexual offences involving students.

“This causes a lot of damage to children when this misuse of a relationship occurs, and it can be profound,” Noni Classen, the centre’s director of education said Thursday.

“This can ruin children’s lives.”

Researchers found 750 cases of sexual offences involving at least 1,272 children were perpetrated by employees or former employees. The vast majority — 86 per cent — were certified teachers, but other staff such as educational assistants and custodians were also charged.

Most of the victims were in middle school and high school. They were primarily girls while the alleged offenders were largely men.

“It really was something where you needed to sit back and take a moment and say, ‘OK we really need to look at this. We need to question what’s being done. This is something where there can be harm to children’,” Classen said.

Researchers at the centre started to collect and analyze data following Project Spade, an international police investigation into child pornography which led to more than 400 arrests around the world. Of the 100 people arrested in Canada, Classen said 40 were teachers.

Researchers wanted to understand the scope of the problem so that they could see how to prevent future abuse.

However, they quickly ran into roadblocks. Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan are the only provinces where the organizations responsible for certifying teachers make disciplinary decisions public.  (more...)

The Star original story:

More coverage:

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Another day, another Nazi: This Is the Man Who Ran Canada’s Biggest Neo-Nazi Podcast

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Before he was a neo-Nazi, Clayton Sanford was a cosplayer.

It was May 2008 and the occasion was Anime North, one of the largest annual anime gatherings in North America. Thousands of people descended on Toronto, dressed as Japanese cartoon and gaming characters. Sanford went as Roy, a character from Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series, complete with sky-blue armour, gold-handled sword, and a plume of striking red hair.

It was Sanford’s first cosplaying event. In photos he strikes various warrior poses, usually unsmiling and faux fierce-looking with a thick red wig and gold lamé flecking his costume. “I’m always serious. Because Roy is hardcore,” he wrote as a caption to one of these pictures.

A decade later, the now 31-year-old Sanford was deeply involved in another (decidedly less colourful) world, this one populated by proud racists who decry immigration, denigrate minorities, and espouse mass deportation and occasionally genocide in an effort to make Canada white again.

As “Axe In The Deep,” Sanford hosted This Hour Has 88 Minutes, one of the most popular and enduring white nationalist podcasts in the country. From September 2016 until mid-May 2018, when it went dark following inquiries from VICE, 88 Minutes was a gleefully profane, forever hateful take on the news of the week.  (more...)


Ugly Canadians active in Brazil

New revelations about Brazilian military violence offer an opportunity to reflect on Canadian support for that country’s 1964 coup and how Ottawa’s policy towards our South American neighbour is similar today.

A spate of international and Brazilian media have reported on a recently uncovered memo from CIA director William Colby to then US secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, detailing a meeting between president Ernesto Geisel and three Brazilian generals. At the 1974 meeting the new Brazilian president is reported to have supported extending “summary executions” of enemies of the military dictatorship. An army officer, Geisel ordered National Information Service head João Baptista Figueiredo — who would replace him as president — to authorize the executions.

While it has long been accepted that the military dictatorship was responsible for hundreds of murders — a 2014 national truth commission blamed it for 191 killings and 210 disappearances — military backers have sought to put the blame on lower level officers. But the uncovered memo clearly reveals Geisel, who was considered more moderate than other top military leaders, was directly responsible for some deaths.

Ottawa passively supported the military coup against elected President João Goulart that instituted the 1964–85 military dictatorship. “The Canadian reaction to the military coup of 1964 was careful, polite and allied with American rhetoric,” notes Brazil and Canada in the Americas. Prime Minister Lester Pearson failed to publicly condemn the ouster of Goulart.  (more...)

Did Canada give material assistance to the ratline Nazis who bolstered Brazil's fascist dictators?

Rosary for Lula Sparks Vatican Intrigue

Catholic corruption mainstream media politics Brazil Vatican

Vatican News runs and retracts false information about Papal Assessor’s visit to Lula. After widely publicizing the former, Brazil’s biggest news companies ignore the retraction.

The Vatican is no stranger to intrigue and infighting. A recent scandal involving a Papal Assessor being barred by a Curitiba Judge from delivering a message and Blessed Rosary to ex-President Lula may not compare with Felix V’s election as Antipope by the Council of Basel, but it does illustrate the ongoing dispute between progressive and conservative factions within the Vatican. It also illustrates the relationship between progressive and conservative factions of Brazilian Catholics with Rome, as most of the social movements fighting on the streets to defend freedom for Lula were founded with support from the Catholic Pastorals and liberation theology priests and nuns, whereas conservative Catholics have historically supported the PSDB party, with reputed ties between some of its leaders and Opus Dei.

On Monday, June 11, Papal Assessor Juan Grabois attempted to visit ex-President Lula in the Federal Police headquarters building in Curitiba, where he is being held in solitary confinement after being condemned for undetermined acts with no material evidence. According to Grabois, the purpose of the visit was to pass a message from Pope Francis along with a Blessed Rosary and discuss spiritual matters. Although Monday’s are set aside for Lula to receive visits from religious leaders and clergy the police barred Grabois from entering. The official excuse was that he couldn’t visit because he is not a priest, but Leonardo Boff, who renounced the priesthood after being censured by Joseph Ratzinger during the 1990s, visited Lula last month. Afterwords, Grabois, an Argentinian lawyer who intermediates between the Pope and poor people’s social movements, told the press that his arbitrary denial of visitation rights demonstrates Brazil’s “enormous institutional, social and political deterioration”  (more...)

Catholic corruption mainstream media politics Brazil Vatican

Poland was freed from the Communists. Can Brazil be freed from the Fascists?


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First of its kind report outlines sexual abuse against nearly 1,300 students in Canadian schools over past two decades

abuse crime education misconduct pedophilia rape

More than 700 Canadian school employees committed — or were charged with committing — child sexual abuse against nearly 1,300 children over the past two decades, says a new report from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection released to the Toronto Star.

The first-ever national inventory of sexual assault cases involving employees of kindergarten to Grade 12 schools identified 714 school staffers linked to sexual abuse charges, convictions and disciplinary actions between 1997 and 2017.

“That’s 1,300 victims whose lives have been absolutely damaged,” said Noni Classen, the centre’s director of education. “We know the impact of this type of offence, the betrayal of trust by someone who holds such a privileged position of power for children. The fallout and corrosion of that on their development is devastating. And we know this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Eighty-six per cent of the perpetrators were certified teachers. Educational assistants, student teachers, special-needs assistants, lunch monitors, custodians and school bus drivers made up the remaining 14 per cent. Nearly 140 of the offenders had secondary occupations providing them with added access to children including roles as sports coaches, tutors, community youth workers and guidance counsellors.  (more...)

When Nazis Targeted Los Angeles

nazi fascism corruption war anti-semitism history Hollywood crime

Jewish activists in Los Angeles in the 1930s ran a spy ring that helped break up plans of the Hitler regime and local Nazi sympathizers to carry out violent attacks on the West Coast, according to a new book.

Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews Foiled Nazi Plots Against Hollywood and America, by Prof. Steven Ross of the University of Southern California (published by Bloomsbury), describes how Anti-Defamation League official Leon Lewis recruited disabled World War I veterans to infiltrate fascist and pro-Nazi groups in the Los Angeles area, primarily the Friends of New Germany, and the Silver Shirts.

The spies provided Lewis with a steady stream of reports about the frightening appeal of these extremist groups to citizens struggling to survive the Great Depression. The phenomenon of desperate people flocking to charismatic leaders who make grandiose promises—and who offer them scapegoats to blame for their troubles—is a familiar story. The fateful question is whether such groups are embraced by the wider society or are relegated to its margins.

Under ordinary circumstances, a Jewish organizational figure who receives such information would forward it to the authorities. But the 1930s was no ordinary era. Unemployment, fear of Communism, and hatred of foreigners accelerated the spread of bigotry even among some government officials.

So when Lewis met with Los Angeles police chief James “Two Gun” Davis to tell him about the activities of local Nazi sympathizers, he had a rude surprise. “Lewis was shocked when, three minutes into his talk, Davis interrupted him to defend Hitler,” Ross says, “the police and sheriff’s departments [in the Los Angeles area] were indeed filled with men sympathetic to the Silver Shirts, the Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan.”  (more...)

nazi fascism corruption war anti-semitism history Hollywood crime

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Scientology, Malta, Cults, Freemasonry & CIA

Mark Hackard returns to the show to discuss "Scientology & the CIA" and "Malta, Masonry & the CIA", two articles he translated. We talk about the use of Christian missionaries and cults by the CIA and the connections between Freemasonry and the intelligence community. We also discuss how conceptions like "democracy", "religious freedom" and "human rights" are exploited by the United States and other western governments to destabilize countries outside the Anglo-American orbit.


And, a news item that takes on a new hue:

Scientology Knights of Malta cults freemasonry CIA corruption military pedophilia sex trafficking slavery politics child prostitution crime homosexuality

If The Donald wants a dialogue on security risks, Eyebrow Boy should review this material. And, if Canadian authorities are serious about solving the murders of Barry and Honey Sherman, they should probe the network around them while they were students at the University of Toronto, a network I gained some familiarity with.

Inside the offshore tax scheme that left iconic Olympian Donovan Bailey owing nearly $2.3 million in unpaid taxes

offshore tax evasion money laundering business accountability transparency shell companies corruption crime politics
Too smart by half
Donovan Bailey gave the charity $3.75 million assured that one day a good chunk of the money would end up back in his pocket.

It was part of a tax plan the Olympic gold medalist used to protect the sponsorship fees and prize money he had built up over years of competitive sprinting.

The funds had been shielded from taxes in an athletic trust, but once retired Bailey had to wind down the trust and wanted to minimize the Canada Revenue Agency’s cut of his earnings.

According to the tax plan, Bailey’s donation would flow through a complicated web of transactions before the bulk of the money would make its way back to the sprinter, tax free, through an offshore trust.

The plan was actually a tax cheat scheme, the government would later find, in which the charitable donation was a masquerade to escape paying taxes.

Once the world’s fastest man, Bailey would soon be left destitute.  (more...)

Lowering corporate tax rates won't fix this.

Eliminating the tax dodges that enabled Nazi flight capital might restore public confidence and the rule of law, though. Your move, Doug. 

offshore tax evasion money laundering business accountability transparency shell companies corruption crime politics
About those promises that WEREN'T made...

Official figures reveal a disturbing rise in right wing extremism among UK youth

hate racism xenophobia nazi fascism youth violence politics crime islamophobia white supremacy extremism
Scenes from the right wing demo in defence of extremist Tommy Robinson
The somewhat violent demonstration in London this weekend in support of jailed right wing extremist Tommy Robinson was foreshadowed by figures released under three months ago by the Home Office.

The figures come from the highly controversial Prevent programme which most people see as a plan to catch young people  being radicalised by so called Islamic State and Al Qaeda before they commit atrocities.

What is not  as well known is that the Prevent programme also tackles people radicalised by racist and Fascist organisations who aim to commit violent acts against Muslims, Sikhs and other ethnic minorities, including Africans and East Europeans.

Just over two months ago the Home Office published a report and analysis of the latest figures of who is being targeted.

These are people who if one follows the official guidance are those who  have “vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.”

The disturbing fact is that the latest figures for 2016-17 reveal there has been a RISE in the number of young people radicalised by right wing extremism while there has been a FALL in the number of people radicalised by perversions of Islam.  (more...)

British cultural influence in Canada?

hate racism xenophobia nazi fascism youth violence politics crime islamophobia white supremacy extremism

The classic English dodge when challenged about their bigotry is their love affair with sodomy, which excuses their full-on hate for all things Catholic, among other things. Michael Coren demonstrates the artful dodge here:

The industrial scale abuse of boys by the English is exemplified here:

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Speaking of "Security Risks": 36 Former Military and Civilian National Security Leaders Urge Senate to End Anonymous Shell Companies

accountability transparency business corruption crime politics shell companies money laundering tax evasion
Look! Over there! A security risk!
We write as retired general and field officers from the United States Armed Forces as well as retired civilian leaders from the National Security Council; the Departments of State, Treasury, Defense, Justice, and Commerce; and the U.S. Agency for International Development to reinforce our strong conviction that corruption threatens U.S. national security by fueling and funding terrorism, financing webs of criminality, driving conflict, and increasing insecurity and instability globally.

As you and your colleagues look to curb rogue nations, kleptocrats, and transnational criminal networks from using America as a safe harbor for their ill-gotten gains, we urge you to take action against the use of anonymous shell companies.

The U.S. remains the easiest place in the world to set up an anonymous shell company according to an academic study from the University of Texas and Brigham Young University.1 To give one example, during the research phase of the study, one corporate formation agent in Florida responded to an email describing a fictitious inquiry writing that, “[Y]our started [sic] purpose could well be a front for funding terrorism… I wouldn’t even consider doing that for less [than $5,000] a month… If you are working with less than serious money, don’t waste anybody’s time here.

These companies have put Americans at risk and worse — criminals enjoy the benefits of strong investment returns and total secrecy here in the U.S. Drug cartels and human trafficking operations have long understood the benefits of corporate secrecy to launder money from criminal enterprises. More recently, anonymous companies are implicated in terror financing, fraudulent contracting with our military, and even sanctions evasion.  (more...)

accountability transparency business corruption crime politics shell companies money laundering tax evasion
Trump's Money-Laundering Tower?

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Suffer little children

abuse boys crime corruption pedophilia politics rape

Eric Witchell, a serial paedophile, was a key figure in the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring about which Village has been writing for the last two years. He is currently living in London aged 70, safe in the knowledge that a succession of senior MI5 figures have gone to extraordinary lengths to cover-up what he and his associates did in Belfast, London, Manchester, Liverpool and elsewhere as they – MI5 – benefited from the existence of an Anglo-Irish paedophile network of which he was a key member. In Northern Ireland (NI) MI5 exploited the network to gain leverage over influential Loyalists, including members of the DUP.

Witchell, who hailed from England, was born in 1948. He became a Franciscan at the age of 19. Before his appointment to Williamson House, he had been a housefather in an English boys school attached to the Franciscans. He became the Officer-in-Charge (OiC) of Williamson House in May of 1975 at the age of 27.

The small boys Witchell abused were abandoned, vulnerable and powerless waifs. A select few were later sent to the notorious Kincora Boys Home where they were used as bait in MI5 ‘honey trap’ blackmail operations. Sir Michael Hanley was Director-General of MI5 at the time. Ian Cameron ran MI5 operations on the ground in NI for Hanley from his office in Lisburn.

Witchell betrayed the trust bestowed upon him by Belfast’s child welfare authorities but also by the Anglican Franciscan Order of which he was a member. He was, however, a godsend to Hanley and Cameron.  (more...)

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The Jewish Group Near the Heart of the Canadian Far Right

JDL nazi fascism hate racism xenophobia islamophobia immigration politics violence Israel alt-right

IN FRONT OF Toronto City Hall, more than a hundred anti-fascists encircle a Muslim woman who’s holding a microphone. It’s fall, but it’s warm enough for t-shirts. The anti-fascists are anarchists, communists, socialists, labor activists, Jews, and Muslims from several different groups. Some are wearing masks. They have shown up early to counter a rally hosted by far-right organizer Ronny Cameron. It’s being called an anti-Trudeau rally, but it’s put on by the same groups that hold regular anti-Muslim demonstrations (they’re trying to rebrand).

These scenes will be at least somewhat familiar to anyone aware of the rejuvenated far right active across North America, especially since the 2016 American election. From Berkeley to Charlottesville to Toronto, tussles between fascists and anti-fascists act out in miniature the political struggles defining our societies today. The United States has a white nationalist movement and an alt-right movement that hate people of color, women, Jews, Muslims, liberals, LGBTQ+ (particularly trans people), and the media. It’s different in Canada, where the new far right is primarily an anti-Muslim movement. At the center of that movement is the belief that there’s a Muslim conspiracy to take over the West and impose Sharia (Islamic) law through multiculturalism, immigration, and demographic change, and that the Liberal government is either complicit or ignorant of this takeover. The far-right rallies and counter-rallies at City Hall in Toronto—beginning with anti-Muslim provocation and met by anti-fascist activists—occur so often that they’ve become routine.

An American scanning the Canadian scene above would encounter familiar symbols: Christian flags, Make America Great Again hats belonging to both visiting pro-Trump supporters and alt-right Canadians, and even the “Kekistan” flag (Kekistan is an alt-right meme of a make-believe country). But perhaps jarring for one unfamiliar with Canada’s far right is that often, shirts bearing Jewish stars can be seen amidst these other symbols.  (more...)


My experience in Canada's academic world contradicts the meme that our universities are monopolized by left-wing radicals. What I observed was a velvet glove covering an iron fist. The salon Marxists were a fig leaf for a hardcore Malthusian, eugenicist and population control elite. The left and right were in bed with one another and used the distraction of dialectic gamesmanship to conceal their true agenda. And, fueling it is a limitless reservoir of funds to keep the engine running at full tilt.

Canadian monument to controversial Ukrainian national hero ignites debate

A Canadian monument to a hero of an anti-Soviet nationalist uprising in Ukraine is raising questions about the manipulation of historical memory for political purposes.

Critics of the monument say Roman Shukhevych was also a ruthless Nazi henchman and honouring him plays into the hands of the Kremlin propaganda machine that seeks to delegitimize the very idea of Ukrainian statehood.

The bronze bust of Shukhevych, one of the leaders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (known under its Ukrainian acronym UPA) during WWII and immediately after, has stood quietly at the entrance of the Ukrainian Youth Unity Complex in North Edmonton, Alberta, for 45 years.

Shukhevych’s stern gaze has greeted generations of Ukrainian-Canadians who came to the centre for various community activities, oblivious of the national hero’s messy wartime record of mass murder and ethnic cleansing.

But a series of tweets by the Russian embassy in Ottawa last October, decrying the presence of Nazi monuments in Canada has put the wartime record of the OUN and UPA and one of its most famous and controversial leaders under public scrutiny.

The tweets focussed on three monuments: the bust to Shukhevych and two monuments to the veterans of the 14th Waffen SS Galicia Division that was renamed into the 1st Ukrainian Division shortly before the end of WWII. One of these monuments is located at the St. Michael’s cemetery in Edmonton, the other is in Oakville, Ontario.

Ukrainian-Canadian historian John-Paul Himka, believes the Russian embassy tweets are part of a propaganda campaign by the Kremlin.

“They have an interest in these matters because they are trying to present Ukraine as a fascist regime and as a Nazi coup, so that fits into their agenda and they like to create division and chaos in democratic countries,” says Himka.

But it doesn’t mean that some of the Russian allegations are untrue, Himka says.  (more...)

Anti-Roma Pogroms in Ukraine: C14 and Tolerating Terror

nazi fascism xenophobia white supremacy Ukraine Roma violence police crime politics hate racism

Three anti-Roma pogroms within a month mark a worrying escalation of racist violence by neo-fascist militias in Ukraine, and evidence of official collusion is a deeply sinister added element. The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) has expressed its deep concern at the lax response from law enforcement agencies to racially motivated violence, which renders minorities even more vulnerable, and besmirches the image political leaders in Kyiv strive to cultivate of a tolerant, forward-looking nation.

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine called on law enforcement officers to investigate the recent attacks on Roma and tweeted the following: “No one in Ukraine should live in fear because of who they are. We urge law enforcement to investigate recent attacks on Roma. Justice and Tolerance for minority communities are key in the new Ukraine.”

In the most recent attack on May 22, ERRC News( reported that a group of masked men armed with guns and bats forced Roma families living near the village of Velyka Berezovytsia Ternopil to flee into the forest, and then set fire to their makeshift dwellings.  Shots were fired and three people were injured in the attack. The terrified seven adults and 30 children lost all their property and documents in the arson attack. Doctors at the local hospital were forced to call the police when the injured Roma came under renewed attack as they were being brought in for treatment.  (more...)


And, our very own Ukrainian sweetheart in Canada:

nazi fascism xenophobia white supremacy Ukraine Roma violence police crime politics hate racism

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Knights of Malta, Black Lodge Freemasonry & The Original Men in Black

fascism freemasonry corruption military Catholic CIA P2 Le Cercle Knights of Malta Nazis Habsburgs

Some of you have probably heard of the Catholic military order known as the Knights of Malta, and after this series you’ll know more about them than you’d ever want to know. What some of you probably haven’t heard of is their connection to a host of other shadowy groups that have ties to governments, organized religions, banks, multinational corporations, intelligence agencies, killers-for-hire and mafiosos across the world.   This is the beginning of a story that brings together the church’s historical interest in the occult, population control and political subversion. It is, as Recluse has labeled it, a strange and terrible journey into the heart of the deep state.


Efficiencies: $12 trillion of ‘phantom investment’ disappears into corporate shells

accountability transparency business corruption politics tax evasion money laundering offshore

More than one-third of global investment has disappeared into corporate shells and suspected tax havens as a new study reveals the true scale of “phantom” flows of money.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is thought of as economically useful as it can result in ‘real economy’ activity, to build factories or infrastructure or set up companies, as opposed to portfolio investment which refers to the purchase of shares and other financial assets and is seen as shorter-term.

Around $2.5 trillion of FDI flows around the world each year, and the OECD estimates there is a total outstanding stock of around $31 trillion of such investment.

But a study by researchers at the International Monetary Fund, University of Copenhagen and the National Bank of Denmark indicates as much as $12 trillion of this has not been put to any clear use at all.

“A stunning $12 trillion—almost 40 percent of all foreign direct investment positions globally—is completely artificial: it consists of financial investment passing through empty corporate shells with no real activity,” said the researchers in a report in the IMF’s Finance and Development publication.

“These investments in empty corporate shells almost always pass through well-known tax havens. The eight major pass-through economies—the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hong Kong SAR, the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Ireland, and Singapore—host more than 85pc of the world’s investment in special purpose entities, which are often set up for tax reasons.”  (more...)

Don't be Irish:

accountability transparency business corruption politics tax evasion money laundering offshore

Thursday, June 7, 2018

To Doug, From Your Constituents: Don't Be An Asshole

accountability corruption politics
The women behind the man
We know you were surprised to win the party leadership. Now you`re surprised to sit in the Premiere`s chair. We understand that you`re unprepared. That doesn`t mean that you`re obliged to be an asshole. First, scrape off the closet Nazis that are clamoring for your legitimization. They`ll embarrass you in the long run. Then, try to be responsible, as you promised. You could start by requiring disclosure of beneficial ownership of Ontario corporations. They are a conduit for money-laundering and tax avoidance, enabling terrorists, human traffickers and drug smugglers. I know that may lose you some of your old friends, but you`re a big boy now. We might even find out who`s flipping Toronto real estate. And, you`ll find all the Efficiencies™ that you`re now scratching your head about.

We, your long-suffering constituency, remember Patrick Brown, Rick Dykstra, Tim Hudak, Mike Harris, and the mysterious John Baird. We are not inclined to set the bar unrealistically high. We won`t even speculate what goes on below your belt. However, we are watching you. Be assured that the endemic corruption in your party will be held up to the light by constituents with inside knowledge of the rot. That may well become the defining issue of your premiership. So, enjoy the champagne. Scarf a few canapés. And, keep looking over your shoulder. We`re here.

Watching the fambly drama, too:

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Oakville Teacher Charged With Sex Assault

abuse boys crime education misconduct pedophilia rape

Halton police have charged an Oakville tutor with sex assault.

Police allege that the offences took place between May and June 2018.

The accused “is a private home tutor in the Town of Oakville and is also contracted by “Beyond the Classroom”,” reads a news release issued on June 6.

“She is currently employed by the District School Board of Niagara as a secondary school supply teacher. Additionally, the accused is employed at Appleby College in Oakville as a camp counsellor. The charges laid to date are related only to the accused’s role as a private home tutor.”

According to police, Danielle Speck, 24, of Oakville, was arrested on June 5, 2018, and charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference.  (more...)

Other action around the province:

Perhaps Ontario boys will be able to grow up a little more slowly once Wynne is voted out of office.

Mainstreaming Nazis: Blurring the lines between Quebec's far right and political mainstream on Facebook

hate racism xenophobia nazi fascism politics immigration Islam internet islamophobia

An investigation into two closed Facebook groups, whose stated goals are to bolster the base of the party, shows a growing coziness between far-right groups like La Meute and Storm Alliance on the one hand, and members and supporters of the Parti Québécois on the other — from grassroots activists to aspiring candidates to officials on the executive council.

The investigation focused on the Facebook groups PQ!!!… Rien d’autre!!! and Patriotes du Parti Québécois, with 1,544 and 2,023 members respectively.

It found that many participants, while supporters of the PQ, were also members of La Meute and/or Storm Alliance.

“We went fishing with the names of aspiring (PQ) candidates, and then saw what groups they were in, and what was being said,” said Jeff Ray, an anti-racist activist who published his findings on the blog

“There are at least a dozen of these kinds of groups, but these two groups stand out. Key personalities of the far right are participating in these groups and there’s a strong focus on Islam, Muslims, ‘illegals’ and closing borders — all the themes of the far right.”  (more...)

A crucial quote:
"And in Canada, ... the aim of far-right groups is not to infiltrate the mainstream parties, but to discredit them."

Conservatives are especially vulnerable, and closet Nazi provocateurs have been very successful with this tactic. Recall how the anti-sex-ed movement was undermined in Ontario.

hate racism xenophobia nazi fascism politics immigration Islam internet islamophobia
Makes you look silly

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The AI of Dorian Gray: Google Listed "Nazism" as the Ideology of the California Republican Party

fascism technology nazi artificial intelligence
The selfie of Dorian Gray
Less than a week before the California primary, Google listed “Nazism” as the ideology of the California Republican Party.

In the “knowledge panel” that provides easy access to information next to search results, Google was showing “Nazism” as an “ideology” of the party as of Thursday morning. The word “Nazism” was hyperlinked to a secondary page that shows “Nazism” alongside other “ideologies” of California Republicans like “Conservatism,” "Market liberalism,” “Fiscal conservatism,” and “Green conservatism."

California voters have been casting their absentee ballots for weeks ahead of Tuesday’s statewide primary elections, which will help determine the majority in the House of Representative and the potential next governor of the world’s fifth-largest economy.

But voters looking for information by searching “California Republicans” or “California Republican Party” were getting “Nazism” next to their search results until Google took the listing down later Thursday after a query from VICE News.  (more...)

Is there something about west coast American culture that transforms machine intelligences into Nazi fanatics? This isn't the first time the mirror has been held up and Hitler stared back:

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Old Boys: The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA

CIA fascism Nazi corruption politics business Habsburg military

The initial publication of "The Old Boys" in 1992 raised so much dust that it has taken a decade for the air to clear. Subtitled "The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA," the work laid out the involvement of the lawyers who founded civilian intelligence in the United States -- 'Wild Bill' Donovan, Allen and Foster Dulles, Frank Wisner -- with several generations of reactionary, even Nazi-lining clients. Abetted by counterparts from the diplomatic side of the sheets, from Bill Bullitt to George Kennan and the notorious Carmel Offie, the founders incorporated both practices and personalities long associated with the Third Reich into their anticommunist crusade, and by so doing undermined almost everything they attempted. Patriotic and well-intentioned men, they played into the hands of forces that threatened us. (Source)

H/T to Spitfire List
CIA fascism Nazi corruption politics business Habsburg military
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The CIA’s Secret Experiments

In August 1951, inhabitants of the picturesque French village of Pont-Saint-Esprit were suddenly tormented by terrifying hallucinations. People imagined lions and tigers were coming to eat them. A man jumped out of a window thinking he was a dragonfly. At least seven people died, dozens were taken to the local asylum in strait jackets and hundreds were affected.

Almost immediately, wild theories started circulating to explain the this mysterious case of mass insanity. There were claims of poisoned flour, contaminated water and even witchcraft. But the truth was stranger than many of the theories: the CIA had spiked the local food with LSD as part of a mind control experiment at the height of the Cold War.

In this documentary, we reveal how for decades, the CIA has been using unconsenting people as guinea pigs in thousands of different experiments.

CIA accountability corruption experiments healthcare medicine science research military


CIA accountability corruption experiments healthcare medicine science research military

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Vatican Archives Show a Just & Good Inquisition

Catholic accountability

Twenty years ago, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, decided to open up to scholars the secret Vatican archives on the Inquisition, including records of the Index of Forbidden Books. It was the last Vatican secret archive never opened, supposedly because it was filled with many “bogeymans” the Church was hiding.

What courage and openness on the part of the Church! This is how the news media raved back then in 1998 over the decision to make this ominous chest of bad deeds public. For the results would undoubtedly reveal the abuses of power, arbitrary judgments and cruel unjust sentences made by fanatical Inquisitors . Research would divulge a shameful past demanding reparation, which would justify the formal apologies for the Inquisition issued by John Paul II, along with the many informal ones made by the Popes after him.

The decision to open the 4,500 volumes of documents dating from 1542-1903 was also made as one way to repair the Vatican's supposed suspect image of secrecy . "We know all the sins of the Church,'' Card. Ratzinger dryly said at the time. ''And I hope more will not be added to them."

The clear insinuation was that, to the known “sins of the Inquisition,” others would be added, no doubt shaming the Church but also showing the Church's willingness to undertake the general "examination of conscience" that John Paul II had demanded. Another step in a "purifying the Church" and bringing her up to date with the modern world. When the news was released that the archives would be opened, there was little doubt in the mind of most churchmen and scholars that the investigation would produce a dismal fallout for the Vatican.  (more...)

The Protestants would protest, naturally:

Mainstream Media Is Giving the Far-Right Exactly What They Want

nazi fascism mainstream media politics hate racism xenophobia anti-semitism islamophobia

In the United States, since Donald Trump’s election, we saw the birth of a new trend in news outlets—the glorification of the new face of the far-right.

Profiles of alt-right leaders that marvel at their style, articulation, and impeccable hair suddenly became en vogue, like the Mother Jones profile on Richard Spencer that begins with the white supremacist in a hotel lounge “deftly plucking” togarashi-crusted ahi with chopsticks as he explains that being of a different race is the equivalent to being of a different species.

The intention of these profiles was perhaps not to glorify, but all the same, that is exactly what they do. They legitimize and give a platform to groups with racist agendas that they are actively trying to enact.

To varying degrees, many prominent news outlets have fallen into the trap of legitimizing far-right groups through their coverage. Here in Quebec we’ve seen it after far-right protests in Quebec City in August and November 2017. It may not be intentional, but through a search for sensationalism, a thirst for a good story, misrepresentation of the issues and simply lazy reporting, mainstream media has successfully given these groups validity in public discourse.

And here’s the danger to that: if far-right groups are to be taken seriously, they know that they have to be palatable to the public. That is how they recruit new members—by giving their ideology a way to be identified with.  (more...)

Friday, June 1, 2018

Farber: As Ontario’s election approaches, we need leaders who will firmly reject racism

hate racism xenophobia white supremacy nazi fascism politics alt-right anti-semitism internet

Election day in Ontario will soon be here. More than any other this particular election seems to have attracted the attention of the extreme right. Given the perceptible rise in the so-called “alt-right” movement it comes as no real surprise.

White’s “This Hour Has 88 minutes,” popular amongst the racist set, was taken down after he was exposed. However, in one of his final episodes where another uncovered Canadian neo-Nazi leader, “Zeiger” was a special guest, their support for Doug Ford was effusive:

“He’s really taken a page from the Trumpian book, even though he’s claiming when media puts his feet to the fire that he’s not a Trumpist, but he’s really following that playbook, and he’s saying the same sorts of things that invigorate the white working class. I think it’s only something to be excited about, even with reservations.”

Such “endorsements” need to be firmly and unequivocally rejected and indeed Ford did just that. Nonetheless, it leaves us wondering why such extremists are so taken with “Ford Nation.”  (more...)

Granic-Allen has a problem with ... Serbs? Could be that hot Croatian blood.

Whispers that Douggie thinks Eastern European ladies are hot? You dog! 😍

Hear Jesse Dayton Indict the Alt-Right in New Protest Song 'Charlottesville'

protest song entertainment music country nazi fascism hate racism xenophobia white supremacy

"I saw white men marching ... carrying torches and Nazi flags on my TV in 2017 America and had to write this song," says the Austin singer-guitarist


School for Psychopaths: Delving Into the Childhood of NXIVM’s Leader

cults abuse crime education slavery sex trafficking NLP hypnotism bullying

NEW YORK—Exclusive interviews from five former school classmates of Keith Raniere—one of them an Epoch Times staff member who sat next to him all through 5th grade and rode the school bus with him for four years—paint a picture of how a young boy wound up on the path to becoming the founder of the execrable secret society known as NXIVM (pronounced Nex-ee-um).

Raniere was indicted on sex trafficking charges in April along with Allison Mack, the former “Smallville” actress who held the second-highest position in NXIVM. Raniere remains behind bars amid an ongoing court trial, while Mack was released on a $5 million bond.

The interviews, almost all from female classmates of Raniere, evoke memories of a bright, charismatic, and good-looking boy of short-stature who, on the surface, didn’t seem to stand out. But, as The Epoch Times explored these recollections reaching back 50 years, a more sinister picture formed. For fear of being tracked down by the NXIVM network, some chose to only use their initials.

Raniere’s classmates reveal how his immoral descent could have stemmed from a deep resentment of girls and women he developed after experiencing rejection in his youth. This apparent hatred of the opposite sex, coupled with a need to be adored, hint at what he would later become.  (more...)


I'm led to wonder if this is a bug, or a feature, of the Prussian system of education. I've known numerous sociopaths who have thrived in the psycho petri dish, with the approval and encouragement of their like-minded mentors.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ottawa police lay 3 more sex assault charges against St. Pat’s teacher

abuse crime education misconduct pedophilia rape

Ottawa police have laid three more sexual assault charges against a 55-year-old teacher who used to work at St. Patrick’s High School in Alta Vista.

Robert Lavergne was previously charged mid-March with sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a young girl under 18 years of age.

Lavergne, who has been suspended from his teaching duties since February, is not in custody at the moment, a spokesperson for the Ottawa Police Service confirmed Thursday.

He is scheduled to appear in court on the new charges on June 27.

The first set of charges against Lavergne came after a police investigation “into sexual offences” that occurred at the local Catholic school between 2014 and 2016. Police said the three additional charges stem from “further reports of sexual assault” which allegedly occurred between 2004 and 2010. The new accusations relate to two alleged adult victims.  (more...)


Former Concordia creative writing student names professor who sexually abused her

abuse accountability crime education misconduct rape harrassment predation exploitation

In a Twitter thread, former Concordia student Emma Healey named Jon Paul Fiorentino as the creative writing professor who allegedly sexually abused her. She said she spoke to the Office of Rights and Responsibilities about filing an official complaint against him.
Fiorentino is a part-time professor in Concordia’s english department. His classes were reassigned during the 2018 winter semester amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

On May 22, 2018, Healey alleged that Fiorentino was the professor from her 2014 essay “Stories Like Passwords” in a long chain of tweets. She wrote the essay about a relationship she had with her 34-year-old professor when she was 19 years old, explaining that it wasn’t fully consensual. Healey also said that her experience was a “drop in the bucket” and that student-teacher relationships occur frequently.

Healey explained in the thread that once the story had started to die down, she had allowed herself forget about the issue until last week, when she learned the university did not have enough formal complaints to prosecute the professors in question. “I felt so angry I wanted to throw up,” she wrote. “Feel. I feel that angry. I am shaking as I type this.”

The Twitter thread ended with Healey naming the professor her essay was about, saying, “‘Stories Like Passwords’ is about Jon Paul Fiorentino. He’s the professor who manipulated me into a relationship, emotionally abused me, assaulted me, coerced me into sex and raped me while I was a student at Concordia and he was a teacher”.  (more...)