Tuesday, February 12, 2019

American Death Cults: Charles Manson, Jim Jones & The Process Church

Cults, Serial Killers, Missing people. Could these Nightmares of modern life be much more connected than we dare imagine? What role do shadowy govt. agencies and secret societies play in some of the nations most terrifying events? In this documentary, explore the twisted bizarre world of cults!

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My college don was not far removed from this scene. Honey Reich (Sherman), now very dead, attended that college in the same era that I did. I learned that Canada has our own Luciferians in quite prominent positions in our institutions.

Ontario Police Say They’ve Busted a Human Trafficking Operation

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Authorities in Ontario say they have freed 43 people who were essentially living as “modern day slaves” in the province.

According to the Ontario Provincial Police, the victims—who were described in a press release as “mostly males ranging in age from 20 to 46 years”—were freed on February 5 from Barrie and Wasaga Beach as the result of a police operation that involved hundreds of officers. The Mexican-born victims were allegedly brought to Canada and forced to work at hotels by a cleaning company that collected almost all of the victims’ paychecks.

The victims paid the alleged traffickers large sums of cash to get to Canada and once here were forced to live in what police described as “squalid conditions.” Police say the investigation is still ongoing and that charges are expected to be laid in the future. Barrie Police Chief Kimberley Greenwood, in a press conference on Monday, said that the discovery of the labour human trafficking victims in her town was “very disturbing.

Police described labour human trafficking as “the recruitment, transportation, harbouring of persons for the exploitation of forced labour.” Greenwood added it's “inconceivable this was taking place in our community.”  (more...)


The cold reality of global human trafficking

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On Oct. 17, 2017, Cathy Peters, a longtime anti-human trafficking educator and speaker, presented to Whistler's mayor and council about human trafficking, sexual exploitation and youth exploitation.

Peters spoke for five minutes, detailing the disturbing realities of the clandestine global sex trade.

"Since Whistler is a global tourism destination, there will be a robust sex trade with a very large and growing demand," Peters said.

"To satisfy that growing demand, there has to be a supply. The supply is typically youth, children and the vulnerable—Aboriginal, Asian, migrants, disabled, mentally challenged, the poor, in foster care, and every girl under 14."

Peters finished with three asks: a resolution at the local level to present to the Union of BC Municipalities and Federation of Canadian Municipalities, as well as the federal public safety and health ministries; that Whistler council write a letter of support for Peters to present to the Lower Mainland Local Government Association, and; that she be permitted to do a presentation to the local RCMP detachment.

No resolutions were passed that night, with then-Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden saying council would discuss the issue with staff before taking next steps.

Since that presentation, Peters has sent two follow-up letters to mayor and council, with no substantial responses aside from the token acknowledgment of receipt.

"No response, no action, no questions, no follow-up, although I did receive a couple of letters from city council acknowledging that they had received my correspondence," Peters said, contrasting that with her presentation to Courtenay city council, in which she was given 10 minutes to present and fielded several questions.

Asked why council never followed up with Peters or supported her asks, a spokesperson for the Resort Municipality of Whistler said it defers to the RCMP on criminal and public safety matters.

But it was interesting that out of all her presentations to city councils (a dozen in total), Whistler's mayor and council were the only ones with nothing to say and no questions to ask, Peters said.

Was she surprised by that?

"Not really," she said.

"I believe council is aware there is crime in their area, but they do not want to deter from impacting tourism business and real estate development/growth and their world-class sports reputation."  (more...)


Painting Catholics Evangelical: Covington kids encounter in Washington opens old wounds

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The repercussions from last month’s viral video of a confrontation between a group of Catholic high school students and a Native American man in Washington, D.C., feed into the schism of faith and politics in the U.S.

And some of the aftermath effects have the potential to spill over into Canada.

A quick recap: it was an encounter, ironically enough at the Lincoln Memorial with the great emancipating president gazing down, between Black Hebrew Israelites, American Natives and Catholic teenage boys, some of whom were wearing “Make America Great Again” caps.

A video from a camera phone instantly went viral on social media and sparked a firestorm of accusations, misleading statements and even death threats against the most prominent teen in the video who stares down the Native elder beating a drum.

The students from Covington Catholic High School, a private boys’ school in Kentucky, were there as part of the annual pro-life March for Life. The Natives and Black Hebrew Israelites were there for separate marches and demonstrations.

The Catholic boys’ behaviour was immediately condemned, including by Church leaders, but other evidence later surfaced indicating the viral video did not depict exactly how things unfolded, including the boys being taunted by other demonstrators.

In no way am I condoning their behaviour, but it may not have been as racist and threatening as originally reported. An independent investigation is under way.

Still, the damage has been done to the reputation of the Catholic boys and Catholic education in general. The encounter underscored schisms in America and put religious education at the fore.

How could it potentially impact Canadians?  (more...)

I'm Catholic. I have examined Evangelicalism and found it direly wanting. It is theologically bankrupt and pastorally disastrous. Most evangelicals I've know have had troubled and broken marriages. Their schools are nowhere near Catholic schools in quality. I strive vigorously to keep my family insulated from the Evangelical storm swirling around our community. It is not atypical that an Evangelical tweet-fight ended up in the laps of Catholic school children and their parents. I've seen such stupidity degrade the pro-life and pro-family movements. Catholics need to extricate ourselves from the Lutheran lovefest and present ourselves authentically in the public square. Letting the televangelists and other quacks speak for us has done nothing but subject us to ridicule and contempt. It makes us the useful idiots of a Luciferian empire. We will still be here when they are long gone. We don't need to affirm or legitimize their memes-of-the-day.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Local sports clubs say they're left on their own to protect young athletes from abuse

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Brian Jessup hasn't put on his figure skates in years. They belong to a chapter in his life that he has desperately tried to forget.

"I was robbed of being able to have a normal life and being successful," he said. "That opportunity was taken away from me."

Jessup, 48, came to figure skating relatively late, at age 10, but picked up the sport easily, and in the 1980s, was one of Ontario's up-and-coming stars.

"I had huge aspirations and goals. I wanted to be the best in the world," he said.

Things changed when Jessup was just 12 years old, and he said his coach, Kevin Hicks, a former top Canadian skater himself, began to sexually abuse him.

It continued for six years.

"He was in complete control of not only my skating career but my life as well," said Jessup. He made Jessup feel "that I would be nothing if he wasn't part of my life. And he was quick to remind me of that, often."  (more...)


Starbuck’s and Modern Mercantilism: No Different Than the British East India Company

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Howard Schultz, the founder and current major shareholder of the ubiquitous coffee chain, Starbuck’s, wants to be president of the United States. When asked why he wants to run as an independent candidate, Schultz replied with a “glittering generality” common among new age mercantilists who run for political office: “I want to bring the country together.”

Schultz and those like him who have or are harboring political ambitions want governments to serve the neo-mercantilist elites, not the common folk. The historical precedent for this behavior is the British East India Company, also known as the “Honorable East India Company.” This London-based company controlled a vast monopoly on trade, extending from India and Southeast Asia, China, and Japan to the wharves of Boston in the British colony of Massachusetts Bay in North America.

The famous “Boston Tea Party” of 1773 was a rebellion by American colonial merchants over the imposition of the Stamp Tax on tea and other goods imported to North America from India by the British East India Company. However, the rebels of Boston were more interested in their bottom line than in political fervor to break from the British Crown. In fact, the thirteen red and white stripes on the flag of the British East India Company, with the British Union Jack in the canton, became the basis for the design of the American flag, with a field of white stars replacing the Union Jack. When Americans fight over respect for “the flag,” few realize that what they are being forced to respect is a modified form of the standard for one of the largest mercantilist contrivances in history. In effect, the British East India Company, which had its own army and navy, ruled over India and British colonies in Malaya, China, Burma, Mauritius, and Reunion.

The same mercantilist notions of trade expansion and control of commodities exists today with companies like Starbuck’s.  (more...)

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sex offences against minors: Investigation reveals more than 200 Canadian coaches convicted in last 20 years

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At least 222 coaches who were involved in amateur sports in Canada have been convicted of sexual offences in the past 20 years involving more than 600 victims under the age of 18, a joint investigation by CBC News and Sports reveals.

And the cases of another 34 accused coaches are currently before the courts.

In Ontario, for example, karate coach Satnam Rayat was charged in 2016 with sexual assault, sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching against a nine-year-old student. His trial is set for this summer.

In B.C., basketball coach Codie Hindle is accused of sexual touching against three young players. He is expected in court for a pretrial hearing in April.

The analysis by CBC shows the charged and convicted coaches were involved in 36 different sports.

"It's pretty gut-wrenching to see the findings," said Lorraine Lafrenière, head of the Coaching Association of Canada. "There is a misguided sense of security when you drop your child off at the clubhouse."  (more...)