Sunday, February 18, 2018

Conservative Ship of Tools

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The unstoppable zombie

totalitarianism politics fascism crime nazi corruption
The Lolita for Life
totalitarianism politics fascism crime nazi corruption
The crack dealer
totalitarianism politics fascism crime nazi corruption
The other zombie
totalitarianism politics fascism crime nazi corruption
The Princess
Champagne Siphon Fiction has been pushing all your buttons, and you want to fall for the big-eyed waif, but wait... These political lobbyists aren't the crew that Fr. de Valk founded. They've spawned a jack-booted parade of Nazi mind-slaves with brainwashing techniques refined since Josef Goebbels' crack at world dominion. The present conservative anarchy echoes the conditions that brought Adolph Hitler to power. Time to slap the power cut-off, turn off the money spigot, and rip the madmen away from the steering wheel. You owe it to the kids. They're the ones who will have to live through this wreck.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Halton board occasional teacher facing sex-related charges

An occasional teacher who instructed at more than one school within the Halton public school board is facing a slew of sex-related charges involving children.

Waterloo Regional Police says that on Feb. 14, as a result of an ongoing investigation by its Cybercrime Branch — Internet Child Exploitation Unit, a search warrant was executed at a Kitchener home, following contact from the National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre regarding allegations that a male was exploiting children over social media platforms.

Waterloo investigators say officers seized digital devices.

Police say there are three alleged victims, ranging in age from 8-12.

Victor Ly, 32, of Kitchener is charged with three counts of luring a child, three counts of possession of child pornography, two counts of making sexually explicit material available to a child and extortion.

Waterloo police say that at the time of his arrest Ly was an occasional teacher with the Halton District School Board.

They say he also has experience teaching in Waterloo Region private schools as well as internationally.  (more...)

Province halts Toronto Catholic board's controversial land deal

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The province has stepped in to block a controversial North York redevelopment that would have housed a Catholic high school and the storied Columbus Centre under one roof.

The $70-million proposal, which sparked months of protests and public feuding in the neighbourhood, was a joint venture between the Toronto Catholic board and Villa Charities Inc., which runs the Columbus Centre.

Opposition reached a fever pitch within months of the announcement last spring among those fearing it would mean the demolition of the centre, built 40 years ago by the Italian community and considered a vital part of its history.

But the province, which allocated $32.8 million to the Catholic board in 2011 for a new high school, drew the line on Wednesday, saying it won’t provide funds for any project that will destroy the Columbus Centre.  (more...)


Are the Canada Revenue Agency tax evasion raids a public relations exercise?

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OTTAWA, February 15, 2018 – Tax experts say yesterday’s highly public raids by the Canada Revenue Agency, in connection with Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca and the Panama Papers data leak, are “incredibly rare,” and they question whether the CRA’s “extraordinary measures” are an exercise in public relations.

“While I agree that the public needs to know that tax enforcement is taking place, I can't help but think this news release is largely a PR exercise,” says tax lawyer and accountant David Rotfleisch of Toronto-based Rotfleisch & Samulovitch. “After two years, three search warrants are served. Is this really significant news?”

On Wednesday, approximately 30 criminal investigators from the CRA, assisted by the RCMP and local police officials, executed search warrants in Calgary, West Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area. In a press release, the CRA stated that, during the course of an offshore tax evasion criminal investigation, it “identified a series of transactions involving foreign corporations and several transfers through offshore bank accounts used allegedly to evade taxes.”

CBC News reporter Zach Dubinsky told national viewers on Wednesday that, “For offshore tax evasion cases, experts tell us it’s incredibly rare that the CRA takes the kind of extraordinary measures we see in a more typical criminal investigation. If you ask the CRA, they’ll tell you that they have already executed a number of search warrants with respect to the Panama Papers. But I’ve pressed for details on that for more than a year now and have never been able to verify any of their claims.”  (more...)


accountability transparency business corruption crime politics tax evasion money laundering offshore shell companies
Money mom wags her finger

Friday, February 16, 2018

We're famous: Ontario experience provides ample rationale for axing school boards

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With all due respect to former Education Minister Marilyn More who wrote, “the Glaze report does not offer evidence to justify the extreme leap to disbanding elected school boards,” there is more than enough evidence to justify the move.

One need only look as far as Ontario to see why the recommendation is spot on.

In 2015, the Toronto District School Board was almost paralyzed by constant scandals involving trustees and senior staff. Over the course of two years, there were concerns about of fiscal mismanagement and a forensic audit. Also, there was a police presence at board meetings, harassment allegations were made against a trustee, breach of standard practice, yelling matches, and revelations of a shady deal with a Chinese government agency.

Education Minister Liz Sandals ordered a review of the board and placed Margaret Wilson, a former registrar at the Ontario College of Teachers, in charge.

In her report, Wilson wrote, “Co-operation between trustees is too often focused on making deals for mutual support. The level of trust between the senior administration and the trustees is low…there has, to date, been no attempt to review the Board’s governance model to remove the trustees from day-to-day operational decision making and to prevent interference on the part of many trustees, in the operation of ‘their schools in their wards.’ ”  (more...)

A case study in disfunctionalism?

How tax havens like Delaware help traffickers sell children for sex

crime child prostitution sex trafficking pedophilia business internet is the world’s second-biggest classified advertising website. It is also the world’s “top online brothel” and a hotbed of human trafficking, according to US law enforcement.

In the US, the website is involved in seven out of ten reported child trafficking cases. In California alone, 2,900 suspected cases of child-trafficking were linked to the site between 2012 and 2016. There are several open lawsuits against, including one by the California attorney general’s office for 26 counts including money laundering, but US law law enforcement officials have so far failed to shut it down.

Backpage doesn’t deny that people use its site to traffic children for sex, but it is protected by court rulings that say a site isn’t responsible for what users post on it. It also cites first amendment defenses of free speech. The firm operates in 97 countries and 943 locations, but in the US it is formally registered in the tiny state of Delaware, where authorities said last week that it is a company “in good standing,” and that they don’t have the power to shut down because it doesn’t have a physical presence in the state.

Delaware, which has 1.3 million businesses and less than one million people, is beloved of nefarious businesses. While a lot of firms flock to the state for its low corporate tax rates, a Senate investigation found that Backpage picked Delaware for another reason: secrecy. Delaware law allows companies’ owners to hide their true identity. This makes it very difficult to crack down on criminals who launder money through them.  (more...)

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Football's Wall of Silence

Former youth football coach Barry Bennell, one of the top talent spotters in Britain with ties to major clubs like Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra, spent his days coaching children and his nights abusing them.

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit profiles six men, all victims of Bennell, and explores the long-term impact of his serial abuse.

Deborah Davies first reported on Barry Bennell’s crimes 20 years ago. She has befriended his victims and has a rare insight into their plight.

In a powerful and heartbreaking documentary, she describes how some have turned to substance abuse and even attempted suicide.  More than a few have not survived, one likely victim being his most famous player, former Wales international and manager Gary Speed.

The investigation uncovers new evidence that, according to teammates, Speed was abused by Bennell. 

The programme also reveals that high-profile clubs, as well as Britain’s Football Association, failed to protect children and in some cases failed to act on warnings.

After this film was made,  Crewe Alexandra said that the Club was not aware of any sexual abuse by Bennell nor received any complaints about sexual abuse by him.

They say the police investigated the Club's knowledge, including interviewing Hamilton Smith and found no evidence to corroborate that it was aware of Bennell’s offending.


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