Friday, May 24, 2019

Covert Action Information Bulletin Special: Nazis, the Vatican, and CIA

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This issue of CAIB focuses on the fascist connection, in particular the U.S. role in helping hundreds, perhaps thousands, of prominent Nazis avoid retribution at the end of World War II. The CIA (originally the OSS) and the U.S. military, along with the Vatican, were instrumental in exfiltrating war criminals not just to Latin America, but to the United States as well.

As the Reagan administration attempts to rewrite history, it is worthwhile to examine carefully the wartime and postwar machinations of the extreme Right. The President goes to Bitburg claiming it is time to forgive and forget, when in reality he is merely cutting a crude political deal with the reactionary West German government for its approval of Star Wars by giving his absolution to the SS.

As we demonstrate in the pages of this issue, war criminals like Josef Mengele, Walter Rauff, and Klaus Barbie did not simply vanish at the end of the war or gracefully retire. Most of them spent several years in the direct employ of the U.S. intelligence agencies and, when necessary, were set up in business in Latin America or the U.S. The Kameradenwerk -- the Nazi old boy network -- remained active over the years, vigorous enough to have planned and carried out the 1980 coup in Bolivia, for example, and to have held high places in Pinochet's government in Chile. And they are major figures in the international arms and drug trades as well -- traffic which the U.S. tries to blame on the socialist countries.  (more...)

I can't begin to count the points of contact I have had with this Kameradenwerk and its generational echoes, from my education as a young engineering student and onward through my career. The damage done to our society by the CIA is incalculable and the term "Christian West" rendered a term of cynical derision. Today, we are shocked and awed by the degeneracy and depravity of our culture. We can thank the perpetrators exposed in this issue of CAIB for much corruption and filth that we now see in society.

The masonic tiling and pillars are most appropriate, if you understand the CIA and their fascist roots.

Covert Action Information Bulletin Special: The CIA and Religion

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In this issue we concentrate on the CIA and religion, especially in Central America. We believe that an understanding of the degree to which intelligence agencies attempt to manipulate religion and organized churches is even more essential today than it was in 1975, when Senator Church's Committee examined the CIA's use of missionaries as spies.

Central America threatens to become another Vietnam for U.S. involvement, and in many countries repression against the poor has become brutal beyond comprehension. The people of Central America are very religious, a factor on which the CIA has always relied, as noted in Sources and Methods, and elsewhere in this issue. Using religious beliefs against the people and controlling and manipulating religious-sponsored relief agencies is nothing new for the CIA, as is shown in our articles on Thailand and Guatemala, and on the Miskitu Indians of Nicaragua.  (more...)


Catholic corruption war population control eugenics politics military fascism CIA geopolitics

Is the current migration crisis substantially a consequence of the subversion of the Church in the global south and the resulting disintegration of their societies? Blowback? Here you have why I now steer clear of the pro-life movement and others who ride on the back of the Catholic Church. No NGO should be considered free of the corrupting influence of the CIA.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Big Business Seeks to Control and Influence U.S. Universities

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Academia is being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Increasingly, industry is creating endowed professorships, funding think tanks and research centers, sponsoring grants, and contracting for research. Under this arrangement, students, faculty, and universities serve the interests of corporations instead of the public, and in the process, academic freedom and intellectual independence are sometimes sacrificed.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a number of programs serve corporate interests. One is the MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program, which charges 300 corporations from $10,000 to $50,000 per year in membership fees. The fees buy the expertise and resources of MIT’s departments and laboratories. Professors participating in the program can earn points towards professional travel, office equipment, and other prizes.

Although universities often claim that corporate moneys come without strings attached, this usually is not the case. For example, a British pharmaceutical corporation, Boots, gave $250,000 to the University of California, San Francisco, (UCSF) for research comparing its hypothyroid drug, Synthroid, with lower cost alternatives. Instead of demonstrating Synthroid’s superiority as Boots had hoped, the study found that the other drugs were bioequivalents. This information could have saved consumers $356 million if they had switched to a cheaper alternative, but Boots took action to protect Synthroid’s domination of the $600 million market. The corporation prevented publication of the results in the Journal of the American Medical Association, and then announced that the research was badly flawed. The researcher was unable to counter the claim because she was legally precluded from releasing the study.

Similarly, university presidents often sit on the boards of directors of major corporations, inviting conflicts of interest and developing biases that undermine academic freedom and interfere with the ability of the university to be critical or objective.   (more...)


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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The University as a Bazaar of Souls

Ex-CIA agent Philip Agee talks to students and activists at Carnegie Mellon University in 1992 about the CIA OFF CAMPUS movement at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) and other schools doing work for CIA, the largest secret police force in the world
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corruption crime education CIA politics war fascism youth subversion empire

Has the CIA penetrated Canadian institutions? Is grass green?

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The heroines of Ravensbrück: How four fearless young women who survived a Nazi death camp exposed the horrific experiments they were subjected to

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Krystyna Czyz was one of the women imprisoned in Ravensbrück who filtered out details
of the experiments in coded letters during the Second World War
At the height of Hitler's Holocaust, as millions were being murdered in the death camps, four daring young women risked their lives to expose the twisted experiments Nazi scientists were conducting on camp inmates.

The German SS carried out this medical torture in secret and news of them using human subjects was never supposed to leave the confines of the evil physicians' laboratories.

However, the sordid details of the experiments were broadcast to the world after the women sent coded letters to their families in which they described their horrific treatment in invisible ink concocted from their own urine.

And more than 70 years later, the story of these women has been told in a series of interviews which form part of Dr. David Gil's forthcoming book, The Art of Hiding.

One of these Second World War heroines was a Polish woman called Krystyna Czyz whose hometown of Lublin was invaded by German troops in September 1939 when she was just 15 years old.

In 1941, after torturous interrogation from Gestapo officers who suspected her family of disobedience, she was taken to the Ravensbrück concentration camp in northern Germany, according to Haaretz which has seen an advanced copy of the book.

The following year and under the supervision of Karl Gebhardt, the personal doctor to SS leader Heinrich Himmler, Nazi doctors began dragging inmates into their laboratories to conduct sick medical tests.  (more...)


A personal note: My father's family came to Canada from Lublin. That city and the Majdanek death camp have a special significance to me.

Allen Dulles and the Birth of the CIA

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Allen Dulles embodied the dark forces that have shaped the past hundred years or so of world history. He was the monster at the heart of the American century. His crimes were so great they echo into our own time through the chain of consequences he unleashed. The world is trapped in a paranoid new Cold War Allen Dulles was there from the start of the old Cold Wars whether one means it’s true origins in 1917 or the more commonly known one that began in 1945 in the wake of World War II. In Yemen and in Syria, and Libya hundreds of thousands have died, millions are going hungry in wars unleashed by America and it’s Saudi allies. Allen Dulles was there at the birth of the American and Saudi alliance working in partnership with the man behind the Saudi throne British spy Jack Philby.  In the Congo 10 million have died in a brutal imperialist war. It was Allen Dulles who destroyed the Congo’s future by sending in the CIA to oversee the overthrow and brutal murder of Lumumba.  In Ukraine a coup was launched putting a fascist regime in power and setting off a second cold war. For decades Allen Dulles worked closely with the Nazis before during and after the war.  It was also Allen Dulles who played a pivotal role re-organizing the fascist emigres through the Orwellian named National Committee For a Free Europe and through his alliance with Nazi spymaster Reinhard Gehlen who controlled the Ukrainian fascists of the OUN/B as they waged a forgotten covert war in Ukraine that lasted into the fifties. Allen Dulles a man who died 50 years ago is still as relevant today because of his monstrous creation the CIA. As long as the CIA lives on so will lies, endless wars, coups, assassinations, torture, terrorism. Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States itself there is not a corner of the world that Allen Dulles and the CIA did not leave permanently scarred. Millions died and millions are still dying while billions live in misery and poverty.  (more...)

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Blarney: Disgraced Former Priest Attacks Holy Catholic Priesthood

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“How much do they pay you to turn your back on your own people?”

James Carroll knows where the money is.

The former Paulist priest has a made a career of attacking the Catholic faith—his most famous work, Constantine’s Sword, is a cartoonish rant against the Church’s majesty and power, worthy of the cheapest fundamentalist tract or the most poorly researched Game of Thrones-tier Atheist Reddit post.

For his work in betraying his faith as well as his own Irish Catholic heritage, the former “Fr.” James Carroll has been lavished with money, awards, and a visible platform from which  to rage against the Church.

His most recent thirty pieces of silver were given for an attack on the institution of the priesthood in the pages of The Atlantic Monthly.

In the bluntly titled, “Abolish the Priesthood,” Carroll outplays the Catholic left by placing the blame for endemic homosexual rape by Catholic priests not on clericalism, but on the nature of the Catholic priesthood itself.  (more...)

One thinks of the Irish reputation for veracity (or not):

Catholic gay clergy pedophilia mainstream media crime corruption heresy homosexuality