Saturday, May 30, 2020

An ‘urban explorer’ entered Barry and Honey Sherman’s home before demolition and saw papers that ‘looked like evidence’

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One Saturday afternoon in May of 2019, when nobody was looking, a man slipped under the garage door of the late Barry and Honey Sherman’s home.

The site of the Shermans’ murder 17 months earlier by ligature strangulation was slated for demolition. There is a subculture in Toronto, and elsewhere, called “urbex” or “urban explorers,” people who go where they are not supposed to go, sometimes for art through photography, simple curiosity, or thrill.

“It took a bit of planning. I waited until the security cameras came down just before the demolition started,” the man said in an interview. “Then I went in.”

What he found inside the home was surprising. Despite a major police investigation in the case, and one by a private detective team working for the Sherman family, the man found furniture and cabinets intact, and photos, papers and files scattered around. Among them, an upcoming dinner engagement scrawled on a note; another, a list of planned showings of the house, which had been for sale. “To me, a lot of it looked like evidence. I was surprised.”  (more...)


crime drugs pharmaceuticals medicine healthcare science technology

Sunday, May 24, 2020

The truth, until it comes out, will not sleep

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In 2007 I presented Odessa: Die wahre Geschichte, the German translation of my book The Real Odessa, at Frankfurt University. I thought 15 people would come. Hundreds attended. The air was thick with unexpected enthusiasm.

Signing books after the talk, I noticed a tall, straight-backed, handsome man, prototypically German, wearing a very cool leather trench coat, patiently waiting to the side.

Finally he came up and said, in perfect Spanish with a Buenos Aires accent: "Hello, my name is xxxx xxxx." I was dumbfounded. "You are the son of xxxx xxxx!"

His father had been a fugitive SS doctor that I did not include in my book but whose case I had studied. "I travelled from Germany after my father as a child. I also had a passport with a false name,” he said. “I stayed at various churches and convents in Italy. I travelled alone, only nine years old. I lived in Buenos Aires until I was 21. I consider myself a porteño."

He had not been able to speak to his father about certain things. He had come to the talk in the hope that I might help him understand his own life story. "My father died and unfortunately I never found out, despite asking several times, if he was directly involved and to what extent, in the persecution of the Jews."

The man, whom I will call Berend, is one of the long series of sons, daughters and grandchildren of Nazis who have approached me over the years, telling me their stories and sharing documentation. I have entered into their lives with patience and caution.

Some people come in anger to defend the name of their father or grandfather. Others mix natural affection for them with a deep rejection of their crimes. Both those who defend and those who reject them are deeply affected by their past.  (more...)


Saturday, May 23, 2020

Trump Slammed Online For Praising 'Good Bloodlines' Of Henry Ford

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President Donald Trump faced backlash online on Thursday after he praised Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Co., as having “good bloodlines.”

“In our lifetimes, the company founded by a man named Henry Ford ― good bloodlines, good bloodlines ― if you believe in that stuff,” Trump said in a speech following his tour of a Ford plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan. “You got good blood,” he added, ostensibly addressing William Clay Ford, the company’s executive chairman and great-grandson of Henry Ford.

As many on social media pointed out, Henry Ford was among the most influential anti-Semitic figures in the U.S. in the early 20th century. He held deeply prejudiced personal views, and his anti-Semitic writings were admired and praised by Adolf Hitler. Through his Michigan hometown newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, Ford disseminated hundreds of articles that claimed the existence of an international Jewish conspiracy that served as a rationale for anti-Semitism.

His newspaper also wrote articles based on “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” ― a fraudulent anti-Semitic document first published in Russia in the early 1900s ― and presented it as a factual text detailing Jewish attempts to seize control of the world. Following a libel lawsuit, Ford officially apologized for spreading hate speech in 1927, the same year his newspaper was shut down.

In 1938, a year before Hitler’s invasion of Poland, the Nazi regime bestowed on Ford the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the highest decoration Nazi Germany could award a foreigner.   (more...)

Readers not familiar with Detroit may miss that Trump is a symptom, not the disease:

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Media Ignores Israel Connection To Eric Schmidt's Push For NY "Smart Cities"

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In recent weeks, considerable media attention has been given to the decision by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to tap former Google executive Eric Schmidt to lead a 15-member panel tasked with “reimagining” New York’s post-pandemic tech infrastructure as well as its education, economic and healthcare system. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was also recruited for this initiative by Gov. Cuomo, leading some American media outlets to criticize the venture as turning New York “into a Silicon Valley science experiment.”

However, it is much more than merely a Silicon Valley experiment. As The Last American Vagabond reported last month, Schmidt currently chairs the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), which discussed plans last May regarding how to re-make American society to foster the mass adoption of AI-driven technologies, including so-called “smart cities” and related systems of mass surveillance. That commission includes key people, not just from Silicon Valley, but also the U.S. military and intelligence communities – a testament to how the divisions between Big Tech, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence have become increasingly blurred in recent years.

Unsurprisingly, one of the main initiatives that the Schmidt-chaired New York panel is set to promote is the fast-tracking of “smart city” implementation as outlined by the Schmidt-chaired NSCAI. The use of the term “reimagining” in the announcement that Schmidt would chair this panel also underscores this point, given that Google’s “smart city” subsidiary, Sidewalk Labs, describes itself as “reimagining cities from the Internet up.” Smart cities are more accurately defined as cities that are micromanaged by technocrats via an all encompassing system of mass surveillance and a vast array of “internet of things” devices that provide a constant and massive stream of data that is analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI).  (more...)

Volkswagen apologises for 'racist' advert showing a giant white hand flicking a black person away from a VW Golf

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The car giant Volkswagen has apologised for a 'tasteless' advert that appeared on social media following an online backlash that slammed its 'racist' undertones.

The ten-second advert posted on Instagram and Twitter shows a giant white hand pushing a black man away from a new, yellow Volkswagen Golf parked on the street.

The hand then flicks him to an open doorway and pushes him inside a French cafe.

Social media users noted that as slogan 'Der Neue Golf' - 'The New Golf' - fades into view, the jumbled letters appear to spell out the N-word in German.

Other eagle-eyed users spotted that the cafe's name is Petit Colon, which in French literally translates as the 'Little Colonist.'  (more...)

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Counterculture and the New Age Movement

Lawyer, author and researcher Constance Cumbey joins us to delve deeper into the counterculture and New Age movements.

Constance began her research on these topics in 1981 and has spent nearly 40 years devoted to her investigation, exposing a leftist plot to overthrow Christian civilization, creating a post-Christian and socialist world.

Marilyn Ferguson’s book “Aquarian Conspiracy” described a powerful network of anti-Christian organizations and personalities promoting radical cultural and social programs in the United States and around the world to bring about this change through the “expansion of consciousness".

Constance has written two books on the New Age Movement, including The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, and Planned Deception: The Staging of a New Age "Messiah".

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