Sunday, April 23, 2017

Panama Papers law firm boss sees tax shelter boom in US

PANAMA CITY: The co-founder of the law firm at the center of the Panama Papers scandal says the fallout has set off a "thriving" boom in the creation of tax shelters in the United States.

Juergen Mossack, who partnered with Ramon Fonseca to create the Panamanian firm Mossack Fonseca, said in a document obtained Thursday by AFP that after the Panama Papers leak a year ago, the number of new tax shelters created has fallen by 30 percent in Panama and elsewhere.

"However, jurisdictions such as Delaware, Nevada and others located in the United States, where virtually no due diligence is required... incorporations are thriving!" Mossack said.

"Whilst Panama tries hard to be whiter than white, others are profiting," he wrote.

The Panama Papers, published a year ago in a leak of more than 11 million documents belonging to Mossack Fonseca, spurred fresh government action against the secretive world of tax fraud and evasion.

Before the scandal exposed the global extent of offshore tax havens, Panama was the last major financial center refusing all exchange of banking information.  (more...)

Making America great again

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Scarborough perv jailed for sexually extorting boys

She promised teenage boys sexual favours in exchange for nude pictures of themselves.

But “she” turned out to be a Scarborough man in training to become a member of the Canadian Forces.

Andrew Newman, 19, was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison after he admitted to the online preying of at least 1,300 boys between the ages of 13 and 16 in Ontario, Quebec, the U.S. and Australia in 2015.

Newman threatened to expose the boys’ images online if they refused his demands for graphic images or sex, court heard.

“It’s difficult to forget the voices of young, vulnerable victims struggling to respond to his threats to expose the graphic material online when they resisted his demands for more child pornography,” said Justice Robert Kelly.  (more...)

After receiving death threats, imam vows to fight extremism, and opens up about his own brush with it

MISSISSAUGA — The photo emailed to Ibrahim Hindy showed five men hanging by their necks. “Islamic wind chimes,” the email read. Around the same time, a message arrived calling his mosque “one of many satan safe houses that need to be burned to the ground.”

The 33-year-old reported the troubling messages to police in Mississauga, Ont., where he lives and serves as imam at the Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre, but he also took to Facebook on Tuesday to say enough is enough. “We have to make this stop,” he wrote.

The threats were the culmination of months of anti-Muslim rhetoric coming from some opponents of a Peel District School Board policy that accommodates Friday prayers on school grounds for Muslim students.

Groups fighting the board have called Islam evil and its prophet a child-rapist. They have urged the banning of Islam and the mass deportation of Muslims. “It’s almost all-out war here,” one of them said after ripping up a Qur’an during a school board meeting.

As a member of the school board’s faith advisory committee who had supported the policy, Hindy has been targeted online as a radical and criminal. He was told he was being watched and that he should have stayed silent.  (more...)

More than 100 men in York Region charged for soliciting sex with minors since 2014

York Regional Police sex crimes investigators say they have posed as pimps and traffickers online to ensnare more than 100 men accused of seeking sex with minors.

Det. Sgt. Thai Truong told reporters Friday that undercover officers in York Region have created numerous online ads over the past three years, offering escorts and young women for sex.

When johns inquired about the ads, Truong said the officers indicated that they were offering children for sex.

That was enough to dissuade a significant number of johns from continuing further, but some continued on to arrange meetings.

In one instance, police allege a 25-year-old pilot asked an undercover officer for a girl “14 or 15 years-old and hot” or 13 if she was “killer.”

In another instance, a truck driver who believed he was texting with a 16-year-old girl offered for her to visit his vehicle.

“I have a really cool truck with bunk beds in the back we could have lots of fun,” the man wrote  (more...)

UK: Football child abuse suspects put at more than 250

So far 252 potential suspects and 560 victims have been identified by officers investigating child sex abuse within football in the UK, police say.

Some 311 football clubs, spanning all tiers of the game, are involved in the inquiry, called Operation Hydrant.

The ages of the victims - 96% of whom are male - span from four to 20.

A hotline was set up to report abuse last year when a number of ex-footballers said they had been victims as youngsters.

The investigation is being co-ordinated by the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC).  (more...)

Child refugees in Europe 'forced to sell bodies' to pay smugglers

Unaccompanied child refugees in Greece desperate to reach the UK and other parts of northern Europe are being forced to sell their bodies in order to pay smugglers to help them with their journeys, according to a new report from Harvard University.

The report, from Dr Vasileia Digidiki and Prof Jacqueline Bhabha at the university’s centre for health and human rights, reveals what they describe as a “growing epidemic of sexual exploitation and abuse of migrant children in Greece”.

The report says child refugees from conflict zones including Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan trying to make their way across Europe are being stranded in Greece, unable to afford the fees charged by smugglers to move them.

As a result some of the children are turning to selling sex to try to fund their journeys.  (more...)

It Begins: Saskatchewan ruling on Catholic schools could have far-reaching consequences

A Saskatchewan judge’s ruling that non-Catholic students should not receive public funding to attend separate schools could have implications in other parts of the country.

The decision, released on Thursday, said the province violated equality rights set out in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and its obligation of religious neutrality by funding non-minority faith students who enroll in Catholic schools.

The ruling will have far-reaching consequences if applied to other provinces, including Ontario, where publicly funded secular and separate school districts compete for students as birth rates decline and governments provide funding regardless of a family’s religious affiliations.

“When the government funds Catholic schools respecting non-Catholic students, which I have found is an unconstitutionally protected benefit to the Catholic faith, but does not equally fund other faith-based schools to educate non-adherents, discrimination is evident on the face of the enabling legislation and regulations,” Justice Donald Layh wrote in his 242-page decision.

Saskatchewan’s Education Minister, Don Morgan, told reporters on Friday the decision is being reviewed and the government has not decided whether to appeal. But he said following the ruling would disrupt the province’s schooling system.  (more...)

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