Monday, June 1, 2015

Release: The Canadian Families Alliance will protest the sex "education" curriculum on June 7th

Canadian Families Alliance, Press Conference at Queen's Park
The Canadian Families Alliance will hold a protest sit-in and march against the radical sex "education" curriculum. Here's the statement we made at today press conference held in the media room of the legislative assembly of Ontario.

As chair of the Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund, I am here this morning to speak on behalf of the Canadian Families Alliance (CFA). Mr. John Himanen is also here to talk more specifically about parental concerns. Since the release of the Health and Physical Education document for Grades 1-8, there have been numerous parental protests across the province of Ontario against the radical sex “education” component, also referred to as the sex curriculum. Parents don’t object to the content that covers personal hygiene, physical fitness and healthy living. Parents do reject covering explicit issues and sexual activities even before children reach puberty. Some of these age inappropriate topics include gender identity, anal and oral sex, the concept of consent and making a sexual plan. In reaction, parents have protested in Sarnia, Windsor, Ottawa, Peterborough, Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga, Scarborough, Queen’s Park, Peel and other locations. However, the Liberal government has refused to listen to what the majority of parents want: the respect for parental rights and to withdraw completely the sex “education” sections of the document.   (more...)

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