Monday, May 4, 2015

Kids pulled from school to protest sex-ed curriculum

TORONTO - Thousands of parents across the GTA pulled their children out of school to protest the new provincial sex-ed curriculum.

Many of those parents, with kids in tow, demonstrated at Queen’s Park, outside of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s constituency office on Eglinton Ave. E., and at Thorncliffe Public School in Toronto Monday morning.

Of the nearly 1,350 students at Thorncliffe elementary school, about 1,220 failed to show up, the Toronto District School Board confirmed.

Chanting “We say no” and “Loser, loser, Kathleen loser,” placard-waving protesters urged the province to back down on its new curriculum.

Many of the parents raised concerns that some of the concepts will come too early for young children to understand. Others said the material clashes with their religious beliefs.

Abdul Azeem, the Thorncliffe school council chairman, said he pulled his children out of school for the week because he disagrees with the content of the new curriculum. The province is pushing an agenda that doesn’t sit well with many parents in this largely immigrant community, he said.  (more...)

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