Friday, July 3, 2015

How the Ontario government has become the biggest BULLY on the block

It began in earnest 2009, with the Ontario government selling all public and separate schools the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy. The clever pitch used by the government that no school board in the province could resist: to create safe and inclusive schools. How was the government going to do this? They would combat bullying, discrimination and harassment. So, with help from the media, they created a false crisis in education. The school boards were quickly sold on the idea. The fact that the Liberal government has put billions of dollars in funding all-day kindergarten and gave the teachers better contracts didn't hurt in persuading them and their unions to agree with their plan or otherwise keep silent. In addition, the government had a team of bureaucrats travel the province to make sure the local parent councils and trustees were  sold on Equity Education.

Is Equity Education really about fighting bullying? On the verbal level yes, but the real intent was to get society to accept the LGTB community and the words chosen for this task were diversity, equity, safe schools, tolerance and inclusiveness. Surely, nobody could object to these worthy generic values. And the best way to get the work done is to get children indoctrinated in the early years when they will not oppose what schools teach. The new policy gave students the authority to start gay/straight alliances, children were to be taught about same-sex "marriage" as well as gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. The issues around combating bullying and discrimination were soon forgotten.  (more...)

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