Friday, June 5, 2015

The radical sex curriculum and parental protests: where are the Catholics?

Can Ontario's Separate schools be Catholic?
Since the release of the Health and Physical Education document for Grades 1-8, parental protests about its radical sex-ed component have been numerous and held across this province. There will be a protest today in Ottawa, and a March and Sit-In are planned for Sunday, June 7th, from 2:00-6:00pm at Queen's Park by the Canadian Families Alliance. This is the same recently formed group that organized the April 14th protest at Queen's Park with some 5,000 people in attendance. Everyday for Life Canada supports it.

The Canadian Families Alliance is a grassroots parent movement that represents many different faiths and cultural backgrounds, including Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Chinese, Russian and African. Some of the cultural organizations participating are the United Hindu Congress of Canada; the Russian Congress of Canada; the Russian Orthodox Metropolis of Canada; the Greek-Orthodox Christians of Canada; the Islamic Center of Toronto, and the Georgian Association of Canada. This is the true meaning of ecumenism.

The faith group that is noticeably absent in all this is the Catholics. We know that Cardinal Thomas Collins has publicly announced that the Institute for Catholic Education is modifying the graphic curriculum for a Catholic context. However, Catholics can justifiably be sceptical that this can done, and isn't it our baptismal responsibility to not just protect the children going to Catholic schools but also all the other children enrolled in public schools? We should be speaking up about the physical, moral and spiritual dangers embedded in this graphic and age inappropriate sex curriculum. How did a radical sex curriculum aimed at children become education?  (more...)

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