Monday, May 4, 2015

Thousands Turn Out To Protest Sex Ed in Mississauga!

Outstanding is the word that comes to mind, when I see the photos from Sunday’s rally in Mississauga.

This is how it’s done.  Don’t let up, don’t give in.  The pictures of the turnout are quite impressive!

Parents are planning on holding their children out of school this week in protest against the Sex Ed Curriculum, and if the numbers are reflective of how many turned out for this rally, it is going to be hard not to notice the missing children from the classroom.

Again this week, Wynne pulled out her tired old “you don’t understand and you don’t know and you have been misled” – meaning the problem that parents have with the curriculum is OUR fault, not hers.

She’s previously blamed us for being homophobes, being shills for the Conservative party at the federal level, agent provocateurs and now we’re all being “misled.”  (more...)

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