Monday, May 4, 2015

Hundreds of Toronto students pulled from class in protest over new sex ed curriculum

Power to the Parents
Parents striking against Ontario’s new sex education curriculum pulled hundreds of students out of schools in Scarborough, East York and Etobicoke, Toronto’s public school board said.

The first day of a declared week-long strike saw only around 130 students, about 10 per cent, attend Thorncliffe Park Public School, one of the city’s largest.

Some 1,220 children were absent from Thorncliffe, the largest single success in a campaign against the planned introduction of updated Health and Physical Education lessons in September.

A Facebook group declared the strike would last all week, and encouraged parents to download letters to send to schools, explaining they consider the curriculum “age-inappropriate” and in conflict with their values.

“We believe that it is our responsibility to teach these values to our children and have the greatest authority over how and when such sensitive topics are being introduced to our children,” the letter says.  (more...)

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