Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Ontario sex-ed debate: Catching up with Canada or hidden agenda?

The protest against a new sex-education program in Ontario schools continues with no sign the provincial government is ready to revisit the controversial curriculum.

Parents opposed to the new curriculum on cultural and religious grounds are staging a boycott, pulling their children out of school and holding rallies. The protest is centred mainly in Metro Toronto, where CBC News reported more than 40,000 kids were absent on Monday.

Andrew Morrison, a spokesman for the Ontario Ministry of Education, said pockets of absences have been reported in other communities, including London, Windsor and Ottawa, but had no figures.

Not everyone opposed to the new program is keeping their children out for the whole week.

“Today we’re not doing protest,” Christine Liu of the recently formed Parents Alliance of Ontario, told Yahoo Canada News on Tuesday. “Among the Chinese community we’re only doing protests for one day in May but we will do protests in September in a bigger scope.

Chinese-Canadians may be back in stronger numbers in September if the Liberal government doesn’t alter the curriculum to reflect parents’ concerns, she said.  (more...)

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