Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Crown seeks six years for teacher who had 'toxic' affair with student

A Calgary teen told court on Wednesday how she was manipulated into having a three-year illicit sexual relationship with her teacher, one that left her with an incurable sexually transmitted infection.

“Being a victim of sexual assault is horrifying for anyone who experiences it,” the girl, now 18, said in her victim impact statement at the 37-year-old male teacher’s sentencing hearing. “What is worse is feeling as though you asked for it because you were a willing participant.

“Keeping my mouth shut for three years was one of the most horrific and destructive experiences of my life thus far. I thought I was in love, but I was being manipulated by a man who knew all my secrets and weaknesses, and used them against me. . .  If anything, I felt as if he actually forgot that I was only a child.”

The teacher pleaded guilty last year to sexual interference and sexual exploitation while in a position of trust with the girl. The names of both the teacher and student cannot be published because of a court order as it was a small school and her identity must be protected.  (more...)

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