Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sex ed 'too advanced,' demonstrators say

More than 100 demonstrators lined Carling Ave. in front of MPP Bob Chiarelli's
office to protest Ontario's new sexual education curriculum.
Ontario's new sex education curriculum will teach kids too much, too soon, say opponents of the program who demonstrated in front of Liberal MPP Bob Chiarelli's Carling Ave. office Saturday afternoon.

"It's way too age-inappropriate and way too far advanced for children of these age groups," said Mindy Henry, a mother of three young children.

She was among the approximatley 100 parents, children and opponents of the new lesson plans who vowed to continue their fight against it.

"I'm fighting for my right as a parent to keep my children away from the new sex education curriculum that's going to sexualize them at too young of an age," Henry said.  (more...)

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