Sunday, May 10, 2015

North Vancouver men allege sex abuse by celebrity

Two North Vancouver men are suing one of India's biggest celebrities for alleged sexual abuse.

Jimmy Mistry, 33, and Percy Shroff, 40, have both filed civil lawsuits in B.C. Supreme Court against 53-year-old Shiamak Davar, a dance teacher whose choreography has been featured in blockbusters like Mission Impossible 4. Davar divides his time between Mumbai and North Vancouver. n their lawsuit, Mistry and Shroff allege Davar is a controlling leader of a sect called VRRRRP Spiritual Learning, a group they were a part of during their teen and adult years. The pair also claim they endured unwanted sexual advances, like kissing on the lips and masturbation, while they were working for Davar's dance company. I In a written response to the allegations, Davar has denied them completely.

"Even though I am extremely anxious to speak the truth, I have been advised not to do so publicly by my lawyer, David Crossin, as this matter is now before the court. I have total faith in the justice system of British Columbia that my name shall be cleared on all accounts," Davar said in an emailed statement.

Shroff's lawsuit claims Davar repeatedly pressured the then 16 or 17 year old to talk about his feelings towards other men, and when he didn't, Davar told him his soul would not move ahead spiritually.  (more...)

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