Monday, May 4, 2015

Minister Sandals issues empty threats to protesting parents

This is Education Week in Ontario. But many parents from May 4 - 8th will keep their children at home. They have been forced as the Kathleen Wynne's Liberal government has refused to listen to their request for changes or a real option to the proposed sex "education" curriculum for the coming school year this fall. They have also been many protests including one yesterday, but the government so far has said it will in no way accommodate parental concerns. The premier repeated her uncompromising position to a group of parent leaders that she met with last week and who have been organizing protests against the curriculum in various locations across the province.

Ontario parents have been left with little choice but to keep their children home this week to protest the explicit and age inappropriate contents of the curriculum. Parents who have already expressed their intention to keep their children away from school are from both Public and Catholic school boards including the Peel District School Board, the York Region District School Board, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board and other school boards.  (more...)

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