Saturday, May 2, 2015

Elected by the People, For Herself: Wynne's Radical Sex Ed Curriculum

"You're all homophobes!"
On Wednesday April 29 Kathleen Wynne met with parents concerned with the age inappropriateness of the highly graphic newly revised sex ed. curriculum. Rather than come to any compromise Kathleen Wynne blatantly refused any changes to the new curriculum. She told reporters after the meeting with the parents:

“I think in some case we are going to have to agree to disagree…”

Wynne continues to voice her paranoia that Conservative factions are involved in spite of the fact that a large majority of the parents are in fact from her riding. They are parents who had voted for her to be sitting where she is today. To represent them. Now she is telling them to sit tight because she knows how to raise their kids better than they do, and she doesn’t care what they think of that. She has also resorted to calling them homophobes, even though they all knew she was gay when they elected her. What happened to elected by the people for the people?  (more...)

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