Saturday, May 2, 2015

Elite Universities Are Turning Our Kids Into Corporate Stooges

Duke University, where I graduated in 2002, was as lenient about student infractions—underage drinking, excessive noise, hazing—as most private universities. But there was a limit to its paternal forgiveness: on-campus interviews with company representatives. Miss one, and you'd have to go through a humiliating rigmarole of apologies and counseling. Miss a second one, and you were barred for life from interviewing on campus.

But the investment banks, hedge funds, consulting firms, and other big name employers on campus didn't have to play by those rules. They showed up late or not at all to company presentations, promised jobs that weren't coming, and didn't even bother telling applicants they'd interviewed that they weren't hiring you.

The hierarchy was clear and so was the message: The corporation is king. Duke would teach you all sorts of things, many of them quite leftist, but when it came down to it you couldn’t disrespect the harsh economics that keep a modern university going.  (more...)

Surprise. Universities produce technocrats... using Marxist ideology. Welcome to the corporate gulag.

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