Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The radical sex curriculum in Ontario: what doesn't make the news

Legislative Assembly of Ontario
In the battle that parents are currently fighting against an intransigent and bully Liberal government, here's what doesn't make the news. On June 1, the Canadian Families Alliance (CFA) a newly formed group consisting of many parental groups and parents from different faiths and cultural backgrounds held a press conference to announce, it will hold a march and sit-in on June 7th, at Queen's Park. CFA wants to tell the government once again that parents don't want the proposed radical sex curriculum planned for Ontario schools this fall. CFA urges the government to withdraw the curriculum and respect parental rights.

What Ontarians should know, and the mainstream media will not tell them, is that on the same day of the CFA press conference MPP Monte McNaughton stood up in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and presented a petition signed by parents against the controversial curriculum on behalf of CFA. This kind of news too often goes unreported. Here's what McNaughton said:  (more...)

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