Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review needed of Levin touchables

These hands touched EVERY page!
SOUTH DUNDAS — In the real world, not the political world, when there are allegations of wrong-doing, the person or people accused are investigated. Not only are they investigated, if they are in a position of trust, all of the work of the accused is reviewed, thoroughly.

Case in point, former North Stormont treasurer Monique Lajeunesse. Lajeunesse was charged in 2012 for major fraud, theft, and breach of trust, over $113,000 being stolen from taxpayers in North Stormont. She plead guilty in 2013 to those charges, and received two one-year sentences, served concurrently. Over the course of the investigation, everything she worked on was audited and reviewed. It would have to be, due to the nature of the crime and the breach of trust charge. There are many examples in business and in local government where this happens.

The question is then, why can’t the Kathleen Wynne government allow a review or audit of all of the policy documents that convicted and admitted sex-offender Ben Levin worked on?  (more...)

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