Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mrs. Pankhurst's Bastard Son Had Us Going for a While

Popular movements so often loose their way. Look at ‘Occupy Wall Street': its original goal was to end government subsidies to corrupt banks ‘too big to fail’. Now, it’s fractured into a thousand little movements with different causes. The Tea Party was supposed to make government small– frightening  enough to the well-heeled– but thanks to pundits like Glenn Beck, the Tea Party became conflated with other social issues, shrinking its potential supporter base and creating a convenient boogeyman for America’s establishment.

Two things strike me. Occupy and Tea Party, ‘left’ and ‘right’ movements with a lot of cross-over appeal, both began by pushing for ‘less government money for special interests’. They are both popular movements; but their clear aims are undermined with a plethora of tag-along, divisive issues. Their political potential is being dissipated.  (more...)

Michael might be better qualified to comment on his own culture. Or, maybe get into the history of how his countrymen lived in harmony and peace with the biblical lands. No doubt, neo-catholicism and christian zionism open up many career possiblities. But, is it pro-life?

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