Friday, June 5, 2015

Markham parents take sex-ed protests to MPPs' offices

Parents and children assemble outside Oak Ridges-Markham MPP Helena Jaczek's
office in Markham during protest of new sex-ed curriculum.
A group of Markham parents voiced their resistance to a new sex-ed curriculum to be introduced in the fall that they say is not age appropriate.

Carrying posters that read “Say no to irresponsible sex-ed”, “My child my choice” as well as hand-made signs that included slogans such as “Say no to radical sex education”, parents and their children protested outside Oak Ridges–Markham MPP Helena Jaczek’s office Friday morning, after holding a similar protest at the constituency office of Markham-Unionville MPP Michael Chan.

Some of the parents went upstairs to Jaczek’s second floor Main Street Markham constituency office with their message, accompanied by their elementary school-aged children, who were on a PA Day.

A staff member told them the MPP was not there and that they should email the MPP individually with their concerns.

However, members of the group said they have sent hundreds of emails with no response from the Liberal MPP.  (more...)

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