Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Enterprise Canada: how the Ministry of Education markets itself to Ontarians

Enterprise Canada is a strategic communications company hired by the Ministry of Education to give it an image makeover. No doubt the firm was also used at how best to convince Ontario parents to accept the changes in education including the radical sex curriculum that is a component of the latest version of the Health and Physical Education document for Grades 1-8. So even if you never heard of this professional consulting firm, its work with the Ministry of Education has probably shaped what ends up in the classrooms of the province.

Enterprise Canada was asked by Ontario's Ministry of Education to change their mission statement from "From Great to Excellent." How was this to be done? With a consultation process so the government could come up with "an updated vision for publicly funded education in Ontario." It's all about promoting an image.  (more...)

Further reading on how modern public relations distorts and manipulates democracy:

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