Monday, June 8, 2015

CFA Queen's Park protest: a great day for the Canadian family and parental rights

Parents and children marching down University Avenue
The official launch of the Canadian Families Alliance took place on June 1 as the group held its first press conference to announce to Ontarians and present to the government a petition signed by 185,000 people who want the radical sex curriculum withdrawn. Yesterday the CFA held its March and Sit/In at Queen's Park to continue its protest against what they consider an age inappropriate curriculum that violates parental rights and cultural values. The event was attended by thousands of people and families who once again made it clear that they want the government to respect parental rights and drop the controversial curriculum.

There were many speakers who addressed the large crowd in attendance including Monte McNaughton who told protesters that the government in developing the curriculum didn't properly consult with parents. On June the first, it was McNaughton who presented CFA's petition with 185,000 signatures in the legislative assembly. Once the speeches had concluded the parents who in many cases were there with their children marched together along the downtown streets to bring the message to Ontarians. The theme of the March and Sit/In was: "We Say No to the Radical Sex Curriculum." The event is evidence of a parental revolt in Ontario against a bully government that refuses to address its concerns. If Ontario were a classroom and its teacher Kathleen Wynne, on the topic education she would now have a very dysfunctional classroom and would miserably fail her teacher evaluation score.  (more...)

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