Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We Say No!

Nothing cuts to the chase for people quicker, than when someone wants to mess with your child.

This Sex Ed Curriculum is proving to be Ms Wynne’s rocky road to ruin.

I’ve watched carefully as rallies have popped up around the province.  Admittedly, I’m blown away by the turn out and the overwhelming support by the Thorncliffe’s Parents Association, Parents and Students on Strike, My Child- My Choice, and the We Say No campaigns.    Their idea to pull their kids out of school for a week is paying large dividends.  (By the way, I’ve most likely missed some of the other associations involved in this fabulous protest because my internet access had been acting up while I composed this, if so, let me know via Facebook, and I’ll happily add the names to the list above.)

Pulling children out of school was a risk that could have back fired, had it not be supported.  No need to worry though, because there were schools who reported that upward of 90% of their kids were held out today.  A lot of the largest participation areas host a mixture of people from many different faiths and backgrounds.  This is crossing all lines and clearly, they mean business.  (more...)

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