Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tory MPP attacks leadership hopeful Christine Elliott over sex-ed curriculum

Progressive Conservative MPP Monte McNaughton has has accused Christine Elliott — a frontrunner his party’s leadership race — of “quietly cheering on” the controversial new Liberal sex-ed curriculum.

In an e-mailed message sent to party members Saturday, a day before polls opened in the PC leadership vote, Monte McNaughton slammed Elliott.

The former leadership candidate accused the long-time MPP, whom he refers to as “Christine Elliott Trudeau,” of having “waffled” on the curriculum issue.

He then urged party members to support the only other candidate in the race — federal Conservative MP Patrick Brown.

McNaughton also accused Elliott of saying people who don’t support the curriculum won’t be welcome in her “Big Blue Tent” if she wins the leadership.

“Ms. Elliott should rename her tent to the ‘Little Red Tent’ or ‘Little Pink Tent,” McNaughton wrote. “There is nothing ‘Big’ or ‘Blue’ about it.”  (more...)

Oh, the homophobia!

Underscores the need to purge the party of Trotskyites and to become a true Conservative party.

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