Friday, May 8, 2015

Sydenham: Kids pulled from school over sex-ed curriculum

Several kids across the Lambton-Kent District School Board have been pulled from school this week by their parents in protest of Ontario’s new sexual education curriculum.

“We have a number of parents who feel that the direction that the Ministry is taking on the curriculum isn’t consistent with their values,” said Jim Costello, director of education. “Most of it is faith based but not in every case. Monday it was around 170 students, (Tuesday) it was around 190 withdrew their children from school as a form of protest.”

The Province of Ontario unveiled their new health and physical education curriculum back in February.

Costello told the Sydenham Current he is concerned about the kids being kept from school.

“We are very respectful of parents rights to withdraw their children from time to time from school just as they would on a family vacation, but my concern here is by doing that are you placing your child behind in terms of their schooling,” he said. “If they miss a week of school, they are now going to have to catch up and be a little bit behind the rest of the class when they return next week.

Costello added: “I’m not endorsing it, I just understand it and I’m respectful of it.”  (more...)

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