Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ontario Liberal Premier Wynne's sex "education" curriculum should not be culturally divisive

Parents keep their children home this week in Windsor to protest the sex "education" curriculum
The week long parental protest against the sex "education" curriculum in Ontario concludes this Friday. Thousands of children are being kept home to tell the government No to the curriculum. Premier Wynne and her Liberal government refuses to address parental concerns. One serious question the controversial situation raises is this: has the government's dictatorial approach on the issue also begun the weakening of multiculturalism? The premier knows that it's creating a huge divide among Ontarians. There have been protests and rallies in Windsor, Sarnia, Ottawa, Peel, Brampton, Scarborough, Queen's Park, Mississauga and other places across this province, but the Liberal government refuses to listen to parents. Last week a group of parents had a private meeting with the premier and again parents were dismissed and told that there would be no changes to plans to implement the curriculum this coming school year 2015-16. The parents protest is coming from various cultural groups and parents of different faiths. The current parent dissatisfaction with what is happening in education is unprecedented in the history of Ontario. So far, this seems to have had no affect on the premier and her government.  (more...)

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