Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New health curriculum to go ahead despite protests, Wynne says

Premier Kathleen Wynne said Tuesday that plans for the new health and physical education curriculum will go ahead, despite thousands of parents across Ontario keeping their children home this week to protest against the curriculum’s sex-ed content.

“In terms of the health and physical education curriculum, I have been very, very clear that this curriculum has been years in the making, it’s been written by experts, based on evidence, and it’s about making sure kids have the information they need to keep themselves safe,” Ms. Wynne said.

“Parents know that if they choose to, they can withdraw their children from certain parts in the curriculum. That’s always been the case in Ontario, that continues to be the case, but we need to move ahead to update this curriculum and get it into the schools.”

Thousands of Ontario students are absent from class this week as parents keep their children home to protest against the new sex-ed material.  (more...)

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