Monday, May 11, 2015

Letter: Parents should make decision on sex education

Students participate in a protest on Tuesday, May 5, 2015, in front of the
Northwood Public School in Windsor, Ont.
Re: Parents pull students over sex ed, by Derek Spalding, May 5.

Stephen Fields from the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board berates parents, stating students are missing out on valuable instruction time. Is he going to say the same thing when the board and teachers go on strike?

No one but parents should make any decision on sex ed.

I urge all parents to read the whole 244-page curriculum and then you and only you get to decide if your children should be allowed to take this course.

After much pushing, the Minister of Education finally admitted that under the Education Act, it was legal for parents to withdraw their children from courses they do not believe in.

I urge all parents who want to withdraw their children from this curriculum not to wait till September but write a letter telling your school that you want your child withdrawn from this class and sign it.

Deliver it to your school principal and demand a copy be put in your child’s file. Hopefully, if most of the parents do this, Premier Kathleen Wynne will withdraw the curriculum and redesign one with more parental input.



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