Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Catholic mother explains why she rejects Wynne's radical sex education curriculum

This post comes from a letter written by a very concerned Catholic mother about the controversial and radical sex "education" that is scheduled to be implemented this coming school year 2015-16. The letter also explains why she kept her children home for two days last week to protest the curriculum. It's been sent to the director of education, school principal, trustee, parish priest and Cardinal Thomas Collins. Everyday for Life Canada with the author's permission shares the message with our visitors. We hope that her example of witness will inspire others to get informed and as result take action in order to protect the health, safety, souls and innocence of children. Here's the letter:

To: Principal Dillon-Leitch, Superintendent Di Nardo, Trustee Ferlisi,York Catholic District School Board

May 11, 2015

Dear Mr. H. Dillon-Leitch, Mrs. Nancy Di Nardo, Mrs. Cathy Ferlisi:

I'm writing to you all regarding the new sex ed curriculum planned by the current government for this coming September. Catholics have joined the thousands of parents with kids in public schools who protested last week by keeping their kids from school. We take this matter very seriously and although my husband and I were not able to keep our kids off school for a week, this is the reason my children were absent last Thursday and Friday. At this point I am considering alternative education options for this coming September.  (more...)

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