Tuesday, November 1, 2016

When schools are not safe places for all children

Ghada Sadaka, principal of Sir Wilfrid Laurier P.S. in Markham
Imagine videos purportedly showing violent “Jewish takeovers” or “homosexual takeovers” of Paris and London, or a video headlined: “Must see: Dutch mayor tells fellow Jews they can f------ if they don’t like freedom.”

To some it may be just the simple exercise of free speech rights. Others will argue that as distasteful as they are, a person must have the right to express such views. Yet others may feel that these cross the line into hate.

Now imagine these are being posted by your child’s principal on Facebook. I am sure not too many will continue waxing eloquent about free speech. There is an expectation and requirement that teachers, educators and those in charge of children exercise greater prudence.

Yet this is exactly what transpired in Markham, with one difference. Ghada Sadaka, principal at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Public School, did not post about Jews or gays. She posted about Muslims. Though the York Region District School Board finally investigated the matter after some pressure, it has refused to publicly release its findings. Is the principal guilty? Did she violate rules of conduct? If guilty, what disciplinary actions and/or sensitivity training was ordered?

Indeed, any parent who sends their children to York Region schools and every taxpayer is entitled to these answers. Unfortunately, instead of putting parents at ease and assuring them that all children are entitled to a safe, inclusive and accepting environment free from fear and hate, the board is stonewalling. The board calls it a “personnel matter.”  (more...)

Some relevant history:

Yep. Canada has a very ugly undercurrent. Social conservatives, in particular, should be vigilant about crypto-Nazis infiltrating their movement. They ultimately undermine their legitimate moral position.

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