Sunday, October 11, 2015

UK Paedophile Activists Busted

NCCL was infiltrated by the paedophile liberation movement from its official inception in 1974. Two of PIE's three Chairmen sat on the Gay Rights sub-committee. But NCCL's support also extended to PAL, most crucially when exposed by the Sunday People in May 1975 - and beyond.

When NCCL's General Secretary Martin Loney called for a Parliamentary Inquiry into Special Branch blackmailing IRA informants into criminal acts, he was immediately ejected sending the organisation into turmoil. In May 1974 Antony Grey and his partner Eric Thompson had narrowly managed to steer NCCL members at the Emergency General Meeting away from a vote of no confidence in those members of the Executive Committee responsible for ousting Loney. Grey's contempt for NCCL Chairman Henry Hodge's loss of control and the subsequent press coverage of Loney's denunciation of his sacking as a 'hatchet job' failed to resolve why NCCL would wish to protect Special Branch's N.I-related activities and their use of informants from investigation. Patricia Hewitt, who had joined NCCL as Women's Rights Officer nine months' earlier, now accepted the role of Acting General Secretary in Loney's absence.

Under Hewitt's leadership, during the same few months PIE and PAL were forming, the members of the new NCCL Gay Rights Committee were appointed. Membership was in decline and correspondingly, so were NCCL's finances. That same year Hewitt, on behalf of NCCL, accepted a 3 year grant from Bob Guccione's Penthouse to fund the appointment of a Gay Rights Officer.

From its inception 3 (or 25%) of the NCCL Gay Rights Committee (NCCL GRC) were pro-paedophile activists.  (more...)

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