Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mark Watts on RT’s Sputnik: BBC’s attack on abuse survivors

Exaro Editor-in-Chief Mark Watts told how a survivor of child sex abuse attempted suicide after BBC Panorama’s attack on similar witnesses in police investigations.

Watts spoke to Russia Today’s Sputnik, presented by George Galloway, about the impact of BBC1’s Panorama on abuse survivors, just as police warned.

He told Galloway: "After the Panorama programme, I took a call in the early hours of the morning from an abuse survivor who has come forward and is at the centre of a police investigation - was not even mentioned in the programme - who had attempted suicide as a result of that programme.

"And what that person said to me was, 'If I had not already come forwrd, after watching that, I would not now.'"

Earlier in the week, Watts talked about Panorama's attempt to "debunk" claims of a 'Westminster paedophile network' to LBC’s James O’Brien, BBC Radio 4’s Media Show, and BBC2’s Newsnight.  (more...)


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