Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vox Cantoris: The Scandalising of Little Ones

Our Toronto blogging Barona, at Toronto Catholic Witness exposes a raw event in this City's history and has reminded us of a great tragedy that has been all but forgotten, the sodomy, rape and murder of a little boy of twelve years. A boy of an impoverished family from Azores helping to make ends meet in a new place; even this little boy was helping his family by shining shoes.

For the last ten days, culminating today, a world event is taking place in this City; I will not name its name. In my own neighbourhood, 12 kilometers from downtown, the poles are decorated with rainbows, some businesses (which will now be boycotted) are flying pennants and one youth centre has posted in its windows rainbow art made by children -- children no doubt around the age of the child pictured below. Today a parade will wind it's way past the place where the little Martyr of Yonge Street was murdered and nobody there will know, let alone care.  (more...)

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