Friday, June 27, 2014

The “Inhumanity” of the Homosexual Lifestyle

To love as a person is freely to wish goodness for someone … Love always wants to affirm, and to better, one’s friend.  Through the power of free choice, true love makes the friend, not the self, the beneficiary.

Can there be a more controversial, hot button issue today than the homosexual lifestyle?  It is being debated on all levels of society.  In this article my intention is not to enter into the debate, but rather to focus on voicing contradictions that are rarely expressed, yet, are embedded in homosexual activity.

Obviously, “inhuman” is in contradiction to “human.”  “Inhumanity” in the title of this article is in no way intended to be judgmental of those who choose the homosexual lifestyle.  Nor is “inhumanity” meant to address anyone’s motives because these are free choices known only to each individual.  I have used the term “inhumanity” solely to draw attention to several consequential contradictions of the homosexual lifestyle to living sexual life in a fully human way.

My purpose is not a mere academic exercise.  I want only to offer clarity to those confused by their experience of same sex attraction, or to those who are trying to make sense of this complex issue ethically, socially, or politically.  (more...)

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