Sunday, June 29, 2014

Michael Coren is wrong on homosexuality: it is sin..."plain and simple..."

Michael Coren has again published an article that is long on feelings, but short on reason regarding the sinfulness of homosexual acts. This should come as no surprise, as it  is symptomatic of his previous emotive reactions, for example, with Cardinal Ambrozic.  Vox Cantoris has published a highly relevant analysis.

In his recent book, "Mercy", Walter Cardinal Kasper has some excellent words on the problem of "pseudomercy" which is a detachment of mercy from truth, leading to ambivalence, misunderstanding and eventual perversion of mercy into a '"fabric softener" for the Christian ethos' (p. 145).

Following the Pauline tradition, the Cardinal notes that mercy and love join together in fraternal correction of the wayward, and such correction is known as "spiritual mercy". Mercy indeed can be painful - just as surgery may be - but such mercy is to help and heal. Persons who indulge in homosexual activity need the help and healing that only Christ can afford them through repentance and confession.  (more...)


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