Monday, June 30, 2014

Dozens of French Clergy Say: I Have Already "Married" Divorced and Homosexuals

(Rome) 75 French priests and deacons say they are prepared to ecclesiastically marry divorced. No, even aberrosexual pairs. In the clergy there are liturgical trapeze artists. They purport they are entitled to Christ, the Church and the Sacraments, finally even human happiness itself. "Behind this hide the same methods, which are applied to hand communion," says Riposte Catholique. Will Pope Francis react as Paul VI?

Whoever still didn't know it, knows it now: dozens of Catholic priests are outspokenly saying they have already "married" divorced and homosexuals.

This was the shocking assertion of the Conférence catholique des baptisé-e-s francophones (Catholic Conference of French Speaking Baptized Men and Women). The assertions were clear. 75 priests and deacons maintain, they are breaking Church law and giving the Sacrament of matrimony according to their own discretion. The disobedient priest and deacons are getting a head start with a view to the Bishops' Synod on the Family in October. They clearly have an expectation that their "abuse of the Sacraments" (Corrispondenza Romana) will be officially imposed and raised to the level of normalcy . In this manner, they are attempting to put pressure on the Bishops' Synod. One of the many progressive and heretical attempts to extort the current ecclesiastical leadership.  (more...)

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