Monday, June 30, 2014

The Shoeshine Boy

Originally broadcasted by OMNI Television, The Shoeshine Boy is a documentary chronicling how the murder of young shoeshine boy changed a community and a city forever. It made headlines then and, to this day, continues to touch the many thousands who still remember Emanuel Jaques:

“Watching The Shoeshine Boy, one can still feel the visceral grief, shock and rage that blistered in Toronto after Emanuel's murder. Nearly three decades later, this is a story we must never forget."
- Toronto Star Columnist Vinay Menon

“ Your documentary touched upon the loss of innocence in our city… I want to thank you for this important documentary.”
- Erica Zlomislic

“The Shoeshine Boy is a real work not just of art but also of love.”
- Clara Northcotte

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