Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cops want Wynne to explain 'systemic racism' comment

TORONTO - If Premier Kathleen Wynne thought she had a problem with Black Lives Matter protesters, she hasn’t seen anything yet.

Concerned the premier may have thrown police officers under the bus, Toronto Police Association president Mike McCormack wants answers.

“We 100% think that’s what she did and we want answers,” McCormack said. “But first we have some questions for her based on her media scrum with the Black Lives Matter protesters.”

Those questions stem from several things she told the massive media scrum on the lawn of Queen’s Park Monday.

“I believe we still have systemic racism in our society,” Wynne told the crowd.

The premier responded to a woman’s shouts of “anti-black” systematic “racism” by saying “anti-black, well, yes and beyond.”

McCormack said police officers want to know which provincial department she is referring to.  (more...)


Can anyone else smell the freemasonry in this?

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