Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Canada Post’s delivery of Toronto newspaper ‘distributing hate propaganda’: Human rights complaint

An Ottawa lawyer has filed a human rights complaint against Canada Post and the government of Canada, saying that they are helping to distribute what he called hate propaganda by delivering Toronto newspaper Your Ward News.

Richard Warman, a human rights lawyer with a 20-year history of monitoring the spread of neo-Nazi and white supremacist material, filed the complaint with the office of the Canadian Human Rights Commission on Friday morning. Warman said that the newspaper contains material that is misogynistic, racist, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and homophobic.

Warman said he wants Canada Post and the government of Canada to “respect the law, which is fairly clear that you can’t go around disseminating hate propaganda into the public or into the workplace.”

Your Ward News describes itself as an “anti-Marxist” publication and claims to be distributed to homes and business in Toronto from Lansdowne in the west end to Victoria Park in the east.

Its current issue advocates Nazism, mocks sexual assault victims, and describes various people using a homophobic slur. It espouses anti-vaccination views, denies the Holocaust, and refers to Muslims as “swine.”  (more...)

What's with those eastenders? Some appreciation of Your Ward News:


Some circumspection by pro-life and pro-family activists may be in order regarding the political "right". They aren't particularly loyal conservatives, and they don't always disengage themselves from Trotskyites and neo-fascists. Orthodox Catholics are becoming wise to and disenchanted with the flakey poltics of these dubious "allies".

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