Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Hitler Legacy and Islamofascism

Incredibly, I lived in a milleau that touched on many of the topics discussed in this documentary. The University of Toronto, during the 1970s, was home to old Nazis,  Eastern European fascists, technocrats, Islamists, freemasons, and spies. I knew Evangelicals and Ukrainians who converted to Islam and integrated into the local Muslim elite linked to the Saudi Royal family.

Today, they are entrenched in both ends of the political spectrum -- radical leftists, managed opposition, pseudo-conservatives, destabilizing "independents" -- even cloying, deceptive pro-lifers serving cyanide with a spoon of honey. Or, carcinogens in homebaked cookies? Whatever gets the job done. The job? Eugenics. Look carefully at history and background. Look at hyper-politicization, narcissism, and sociopathy. And, bring your own lunch.

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