Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fascism: Past, Present and Future

As the title of the program indicates, this broadcast chronicles aspects of the past and present of fascism – the Underground Reich, in particular – and looks ahead to a very, very scary future. Our political culture has not recorded an accurate account of what fascism is, how it arose, what became of it, and – in particular – why it has been able to perpetuate itself so effectively. One of the reasons for this failure concerns the collaboration between major institutions of our “democratic” society and the Axis powers before, during and after the Second World War.

In addition to dominant corporate institutions and allied political and national security elites, American journalistic organizations have stained themselves with fascist collaboration. One of those institutions is the Associated Press, which collaborated with Nazi Germany, in order to steal a journalistic march on coverage of the Third Reich and its military campaigns.

Next, the program revisits part of the outcome of the decades-long collaboration between the CIA and the distillate of the Third Reich intelligence – the Gehlen “Org.” In Ukraine, the government that assumed power following the Maidan coup/covert operation is the direct successor to the OUN/B fascists who collaborated with Hitler.  (more...)

A recent Canadian story:

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