Friday, October 9, 2015

Panorama's VIP paedophile investigation exposes tensions in BBC

Former BBC producer Meirion Jones, who was prevented from running an investigation
into Jimmy Saville, said he was furious the programme had been aired.
Panorama’s report on an alleged VIP paedophile ring has reopened deep wounds at the BBC, which is still recovering from the impact of the Jimmy Saville affair.

Present and former executives at the BBC disagreed over whether it was appropriate for Panorama to question whether a VIP paedophile ring had operated out of flats in Dolphin Square in Westminster in a programme broadcast on Tuesday night.

Meirion Jones, the producer who was prevented from airing an investigation into Jimmy Savile by the BBC, was furious about the special hour-long programme. In an interview, he said: “There are still people at the BBC trying to make the case that you can’t trust victims and therefore they were right not to run the Savile programme.”

Jones, who no longer works for the BBC and went on to win awards for his work on the Savile scandal, said the corporation had behaved “disgracefully” in its treatment of another victim of historical child abuse, Karin Ward, and that this week’s Panorama showed how little the corporation had changed.  (more...)

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