Thursday, July 2, 2015

Knights of Columbus Redeems Itself: Watch This!

I am compelled to commend this guy. A Canadian third degree Knight - he flashes his current membership card onscreen - delivers an unpolished, but honest and valliant defense of natural marriage on YouTube. Talk about an antidote to Michael Coren mallaise. I don't care about his rough edges. Giving it his best shot, however un-nuanced or un-polished, makes him better than 100 limp-wristed quislings. This guy made my day. Watch this:

So Michael, how does it feel walking in Hemingway's shoes over at The Red Star? Is Operation Mockingbird a safer space for journalists in a tight market? Kinda meshes with your adulation of Malcolm Muggridge. His masterstroke, using Mother Theresa to lure poorly formed Catholics into neo-conservatism must have paid well. Didn't work out so well for social conservatives. That's expected, because word is upwards of half of "intelligence" assets are gay. So, who's controlling you? What's your vice?

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