Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Another child abuse scandal in the making?

A gay couple with a child obtained under Queensland surrogacy laws
With a Royal Commission into institutional responses to sexual abuse of children in full-swing across Australia one would think that the rights of the child would be front and centre in the Australian-psyche. But the growing clamour for the legalisation of gay marriage in this country suggests otherwise.

I am in no way suggesting that the gay marriage campaign is linked to the horrific stories of sexual abuse that are being painfully brought to light, thanks to the heroic honesty of some of Australia’s brave victims. These adults are now reliving, in full-public view, the hellish childhood experiences they were forced to endure because no one stood up for them when they needed protection most.

But I am suggesting that we should take some lessons from the harrowing history that was allowed to unfold here on our shores and in our communities and apply them to the gay marriage debate.

Hope is never futile, and so we hope that nothing of what the Royal Commission is uncovering is ever allowed to be repeated, but reality must be faced. The fact that the abuse of children did happen illustrates that adults, even those in positions of trust and care, can and unfortunately do put their own desires ahead of the best interests and welfare of children.  (more...)

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