Monday, May 4, 2015

Why are teachers allowed to strike?

It's for the kids.
TORONTO - “I’m anticipating a very calm school year” — Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals, last September.

Good call, Liz.

Now let’s crack open a book, such as my Oxford dictionary.

“Essential,” it tells me, means “absolutely necessary; extremely important.”

Thus, cops are officially essential. They can’t strike. If they did, we’d all get mugged, or run over by speeders, though on the plus side we could park wherever we want.

Firefighters are essential. If they man picket lines instead of hose lines, we are toast when our illegally parked car catches fire. Plus, how will admiring women know what month it is.

The TTC was recently made an “essential service.” Its workers can no longer strike or be locked out. Otherwise, our tempers rise, the economy falls. Subway service will be disrupted. (I mean, more than it already is.)

There is a mounting cry to declare newspaper columnists an essential service, but I’m not holding my breath.

And teachers? Is education an essential service?  (more...)

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